Graduation Gift Guide 2022

Graduation season is in full swing! With the Class of 2022 wrapping up their academic journey and moving on to bigger, brighter, more beautiful things, you can help celebrate their amazing accomplishments with a gift they will be sure to remember. Shop our selection of personalized desktop accessories, water bottles, photo gifts, and more to celebrate this special milestone for your grad and accompany them in all their future endeavors.

Photo Gifts

After years of hard work, studies, and growth, the long-awaited day has finally come. Graduation is a major accomplishment for many students, and there is no better gift to commemorate this special event than one that will capture this exciting moment in time for years to come. Our photo gifts, both framed and color-imprinted, will help your grad carry the wonderful memories created with their friends, family, teachers, and loved ones to whatever adventure they have next.

Desktop Keepsakes & Accessories

Every workspace deserves that special touch, and with our desktop keepsakes and accessories, your grad can now have a personalized piece to accompany them with their work, studies, and beyond. Engrave our classic Red Apple their graduating class details for a reminder of this memorable time in their life, personalize our Jade Glass Business Card Holder with their name to use throughout their working career, or add some custom artwork to our Pioneer Tower Clock to help them keep track of time!

Commemorative Plaques

While displaying your grad’s original diploma is a classic option, our plaques are a great alternative solution for grads with multiple workspaces, who want to keep their original diploma safe, or who simply want to commemorate another specific achievement. Featuring a variety of beautiful wooden finishes, our high-quality plaques come with glass, acrylic, or metal plates to personalize with their moment of pride.

Leather Goods

Add a little luxury to your grad’s lifestyle with some leather goods! For the hard worker, you can customize a mouse pad for their desks to create a professional, polished look and feel to their workspace. For the cook or host, you can create a fun design on a bottle opener. And for the adventurous soul, a trusty passport holder or wallet will be the perfect companion for their travels.


As your grad continues to accomplish amazing things, it is essential that they hydrate and fuel themselves for the work they have to do! With our drinkware options, your grad can now take their coffee, tea, or water on the go with our stainless steel travel mugs–or, they can wind down after a long day with our ceramic or glass mugs as well.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Last but not least, be sure to show your appreciation for the teachers, professors, and faculty members that have guided your grad throughout their academic journey! Personalize keepsake clocks, awards, and accessories to thank your favorite educators for all they have done.

For more ideas, feel free to browse our Graduation Gift Guide on our website! Enjoy 10% off all items in this category with the code LOVEGRAD1022, valid until 5/31. Happy shopping!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022

This Mother’s Day, celebrate the amazing women in your life with a thoughtful, personalized gift. Whether it’s your mother, your grandma, your wife, or a mother figure who deserves to be appreciated, there’s no better way to show your love and say “thank you” for all that they do than with a one-of-a-kind gift as irreplaceable as they are.


After working on their careers, taking care of their home and family, and accomplishing all their incredible goals, even moms need to wind down sometimes! Whether her drink of choice is a classic wine, a refreshing mixed cocktail, or perhaps something a little stronger, you can elevate her happy hour with some personalized drinkware. Engrave her name and some artwork on our collection of stemware, flutes, and glasses to create a special gift she’ll love to use again and again.

Vases & Bowls

It’s said that fresh flowers can brighten up any room—and now you can brighten Mom’s day with a lovely bouquet in one of our unique vases. Alternately, you can also personalize one of our stunning crystal bowls to create an eye-catching decorative piece for her home. Whichever type of décor you choose, this will be an easy way to treat Mom to something luxurious, timeless, and beautiful.

Photo Gifts

Commemorate the moments you cherish most with Mom when you create a personalized photo gift for Mother’s Day! You can permanently capture your most meaningful memory with our color imprinted photo options, or engrave a simple message and artwork onto a frame so Mom can switch between her favorite photos at any time.


For the Mom that loves baubles, trinkets, and everything in between, our keepsake gifts are sure to bring a smile to her face! Personalize a jewelry box or ring holder for her to store her little everyday treasures, engrave a keychain for a memento she can carry with her always, or customize a paperweight for her office.


If Mom loves to cook or spend time in the kitchen, there are so many gifts you can create to make it all the more enjoyable for her! Engrave a carafe and tumbler set for her personal use and remind her that it’s important to take water breaks when she’s cooking up delicious meals for the family. You can also personalize some artwork on items such as our cutting boards, storage jars, and so much more for a piece that is both functional to use and beautiful to display.

For more ideas, feel free to browse our Mother’s Day Gift Guide on our website! Enjoy 10% off all items in this category with the code LOVEMOM1022, valid until 5/8. Happy shopping!

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CrystalPlus Vases & Bowls 2022

It’s spring time! As the weather gets warmer and the world starts blooming, it’s time for a refresh for all things in and out of your home.

Transform your space for spring with fragrant flower bouquets, lush greenery, freshly-picked fruit, and softly flickering candles, as well as some brand new personalized crystal vases and bowls to hold all your décor.

Whether you’re treating yourself or creating a one-of-a-kind gift for someone you love, there are plenty of styles here at CrystalPlus to choose from.


Perhaps our most popular and widely-recognized name brand, Waterford Crystal is a testament to the timeless beauty of crystal décor.

Featuring elegant curves, sophisticated crystal-cut designs, and a light-catching sparkle, Waterford Crystal pieces can instantly elevate your space and add glamour to every room.

These luxurious eye-catching centerpieces, such as the Lismore Classic Vase (above) or the Limited Edition Killarney Vase, Limited Edition Aria Bowl, and Limited Edition Ballerina Vase (below), are bound to be the topic of conversation whenever you are hosting guests or parties—and they make even better gifts for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or celebratory event!


For those who love all things uncommon and unexpected, our collection of Orrefors Crystal carries some of the most unique shapes that we offer.

Orrefors pieces draw inspiration from dramatic scenes in both the natural and civilized worlds to create modern, mesmerizing silhouettes, from the Glacial Vase that mimics the edges of an iceberg drifting above the surface of the Arctic Ocean, to the Carat Globe Vase that glitters with the bevels of cut jewels, and the Polaris Vase that rises and falls with the frozen waves of the polar sea.

These vases and bowls are works of art unto themselves—they can be dressed up with accents and filler décor, but would display beautifully on their own. Personalize these pieces to present as a corporate gift, mark a special occasion for a loved one, or simply to decorate your shelves, tables, or office.

LSA International

For lighter, airier glassware that evokes textures and elements found in nature, LSA International pieces are ideal for adding whimsical bouquets, plant cuttings, or sprigs of greenery to complement your home.

These subtle vases are both functional and versatile, and provide a sleek addition to your décor.

Some of the most popular items include the Lotta Lantern Candle Holder with Ash Base, the Flower Posy Vase, and the recently-added Market line—all of which would make great housewarming or appreciation gifts.


Don’t let our limited selection of Nachtmann vases deceive you, as they are some of our best-selling items to celebrate special occasion events!

While the Carre Vase is the perfect classic, minimalistic option, the Calypso Vase is particularly popular as a gift to all the inspiring women in your life, whether it’s your wife, mother, grandmother, and more. The latter is also particularly appropriate for the spring season, as its scalloped edges are especially reminiscent of flower petals in bloom.

Kosta Boda

Finally, our Kosta Boda collection is a breath of fresh air for those who want to incorporate some color into their crystal gifts! Made with clean lines and soft, rounded edges, these captivating color pieces add a sophisticated touch to every occasion.

From the unique inner blue swirls and free-flowing calligraphic lines of the Blue Contrast Vase, to the rich and romantic black and red floral motifs of the Tattoo Bowl, and the graceful curves and vibrant shades of amber and purple of the Orchid Vase, each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

These show-stopping vases and bowls are particularly suited for retirement and special occasion events.

While the vases and bowls featured here all come from our major name brand collections, CrystalPlus has many more options and styles for all your needs! Browse our extensive collection today and find your perfect decorative or gifting piece for spring.

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Corporate Recognition Awards 2022

For many companies, the first quarter of every new year is a great time to celebrate last year’s accomplishments, achievements, and growth! From top-performing employees, record-breaking sales, inspiring leadership, outstanding customer service, milestone years of service, and so much more, there are so many ways in which to recognize your employees’ dedications, contributions, and successes. Here are some great award ideas for you to show your appreciation!

Star Awards

Hard work is always deserving of recognition, and these classic star awards are perfect to commemorate the achievements of your top-performing employees! Whether they excelled in sales, customer service, leadership, or just overall general performance, these awards will celebrate their outstanding effort and inspire others to do the same. Engrave your recipients’ names and award titles with details of their accomplishments for a timeless reminder of their superstar contributions to your company.

Diamond Awards

Show your appreciation for the gems in your company by giving them one of our brilliant diamond awards! The striking facets and angles of these awards create an elegant testament to the commitment, drive, and motivation of your employees. Mark the occasion of a successful professional milestone, grant the honor of employee of the month, or help celebrate a well-deserved retirement with these stunning accolades.

Classic Awards

For something that conveys strength, determination, and success, consider classic shapes like our obelisk, eagle, or pillar trophies. These can serve as great leadership awards or to thank For something that conveys strength, determination, and success, consider classic shapes like our obelisk, eagle, or pillar trophies. These can serve as great leadership awards or to thank your boss, manager, project or team leader, or CEO for their exemplary vision and influence. As the captains at the helms, these leaders are often tasked with overseeing many moving parts such as various different departments, projects, or employees, and guiding them to rise above any difficulties they may face. The accomplishment of these challenging tasks deserves nothing less than recognition with the finest awards we have to offer.

Art Glass Awards

Last but not least, add some color to your company awards season with our beautiful art glass pieces! From mesmerizing dual-colored spirals, vibrant decorative pieces, and sophisticated contemporary silhouettes, these will be sure to draw everyone’s admiration. They are particularly suited for special honor or retirement awards due to their bright colors and unique styles—the perfect way to showcase any outstanding innovative achievements, or to commemorate the end of a wonderful era.

There are so many ways to show your appreciation throughout all levels of your company, and award recognition is only part of these efforts.

True recognition is about more than just the award itself—it’s about acknowledging one’s hard work, dedication to excellence, and relentless commitment to growth on both a personal and professional level. By fostering your employees’ work ethics and providing opportunities to challenge and push the boundaries of their skills and abilities, you are paving the way for them—and by extension, the company—to succeed.

A small gesture can go such a long way and have an incredible positive impact, so be sure to encourage and appreciate your employees today!

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Love is in the air!

This Valentine’s Day, express your love for that special someone with the best kind of gift—the kind that comes from the heart. Celebrate your love story and create a gift just as unique by adding a thoughtful, personalized touch to our wide selection of drinkware, home décor, photo frames, keepsakes, and more.

Personalized Drinkware

Whatever you’re toasting to, do it with love! From the elegant crystal cuts of Waterford to the clean, minimalistic lines of Orrefor, Rogaska, Riedel, LSA, and more, our collection of stemware and barware make the perfect accessories to your celebration of Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or those days you want to pop open some champagne with your loved one just because. Engrave your names and a special date for an everlasting gift you’ll raise a glass with again and again.

Personalized Photo Gifts

Capture your favorite romantic memories and sentimental moments with our photo gifts! Instead of giving a card this year, engrave a sweet message or quote onto a frame or plaque that will make your Valentine fall head-over-heels in love all over again.

Personalized Home Décor

Flowers never go out of style, but this year you can elevate your bouquet with a second gift: a personalized crystal vase or bowl to accompany those beautiful blooms! Create a striking centerpiece for your dining room table or decorative accent for your living room or bedroom to serve as a reminder of your love.

Personalized Keepsakes & Desk Accessories

Not everyone tends to go big with their gift-giving—and the small gifts, when thoughtfully made or chosen, can be just as sweet! From heart-shaped keepsakes to candle holders to keep your love burning bright, or desktop paperweights and accessories to decorate your daily life, there’s no better way to show your Valentine that you’re thinking of them always.

At Crystal Plus, we’re here to help you celebrate all the special occasions in your life! Enjoy our free engraving services, free artwork proof, and fast turnaround time to ensure you find the perfect gift in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Get ready for the most wonderful time of the year with the most wonderful gifts you can give! Nothing says “special” like something made just for you—and now, you can create something special for all your loved ones too.

To help, we’ve gathered a list of all our favorite things to help your gift-giving experience easier! With our free, high-quality engraving services, you can add unique touches to a wide selection of gifts, including drinkware, décor pieces, photo gifts, commemorative keepsakes, ornaments, and so much more.

Each gift can be personalized with customized artwork and text, which may include their name or monogram initials, a meaningful date, or a sweet message or quote to express your love, gratitude, and appreciation.

So whether you are shopping for your parents, your partner, your best friends, your office, or your party hosts this holiday, you will be sure to find something amazing for everyone!

Gifts For Her

Gifts For Her

Show your love for all the women in your life by gifting her something she’ll treasure forever.

Toast to many more years to come with some beautiful monogrammed Waterford champagne glasses, or add some sparkle to her dresser with crystal keepsake boxes and ring holders to display all her trinkets and jewelry. Engrave a sentimental message or quote onto an elegant vase or bowl, and fill with fresh flowers for a lovely home accent or decorative centerpiece!

Gifts For Him

Gifts For Him

Finding the perfect gift for the men in your life can be complicated, especially for the ones who seem like they already have everything—but now, you can take your gift to the next level by personalizing our finest selection of gifts for him!

For the beer lovers and liquor connoisseurs, add a monogram or unique design to some beer glasses or a decanter set to create an elevated drinking experience. Engrave some their name, a quote, or some coordinates on some leather travel accessories to remind the constant traveler of home.  And finally, customize some photo frames or other desk accessories to add a little spice to his office décor.

Gifts For The Office

Gifts For The Office

Have a company holiday party coming up? Want to show some appreciation for your amazing boss or coworker? We’ve got you covered! Select from our crystal desk accessories, like tabletop clocks, nameplates, pen holders, and photo frames, for the perfect addition to their workspace or office.

Photo Gift

Gifts For The Host

Gifts For The Host

This holiday, don’t show up a party empty-handed—thank your host with a gift they’ll always remember! Present barware accessories, like a decanter set, cocktail shaker, or carafe, to help make their hosting duties more fun. There’s nothing like good food, good company, and a great gift to get us into the holiday spirit!

Customized Cutting Board
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Gift Guide for the Class of 2021

Personalized Gift for Graduates, Teachers, and Professors

Celebrate your graduate’s accomplishment with personalized giftware! Our Graduation Collection is perfect for not only celebrating the graduates but also to thank the ones who supported them in their academic journey. With our free high quality engraving services gift a one of a kind gift this graduation season.

With our wide selection of gifts commemorate your grad’s accomplishment with a personalized plaque, mug, and desk accessory or photo gift.

Product Links will be listed below .
Item SKUs: 160021, 120141D, 101680, 400025 . 120340, 101710, 101640, and 120431

A personalized gift is the perfect gift for educators. From personalizing their name to a special message commemorate the end of another school year with a unique and memorable gift. With our free high quality engraving services personalize a vase, crystal clock, mug and keepsake and show a mentor, a faculty member how grateful you are for their impact on your graduate’s journey.

Item SKUs: 102470, 140040, 210450 , 100581, 101671, and 101340| group photo: 200430 & 181170

Celebrate the accomplishment of all who were involved of getting you or your graduate across the stage. The class of 2021 and all their supportive- teachers, coaches, mentors and professors deserve to be celebrated with a unique and memorable personalized gift!

Item list – Product Name & SKU link:

  1. 160021 – Floating Glass Plate on Gloss Horiz./Verti. Blackwood Plaque

2) 120141D – Color Photo Imprinted Jade Beveled Vertical Rectangle Glass Plaque

3) 101680 – Business Card Holder

4) 400025 – Silver Ceramic Bistro Mug, 16oz

5) 120340 – Jade Business Card Holder

5) 101710–  Crystal Single Silver Pen Set

6) 101640 – Slanted Block Clock

7) 120431 – Jade Curved Horizontal Silver Photo Frame

For Mentors, Teachers and Professors:

  1. 102470 – Red Apple

2) 140040 – Apple Pen Set

3) 210450 – Waterford Giftology Lismore Essence Clock

4) 100581 – Prestige Flame

5) 101671 – Slant Front Nameplate

6) 101340 – Pre-etched Crystal Number One Teacher

7) 200430 –Acrylic Deluxe Pen Holder

8 ) 181170 – Apple Keepsake Box

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts
For the perfect Mothers, celebrate the women in your life with a one-of-a-kind gift created by you. From beautiful wine glasses, photo gifts, vases, and other great keepsake gifts, a personalized gift will make this Mother’s Day extra special.

Personalized Vases and Bowls for Mom

Surprise mom, grandma, aunt, or sister with a spectacular gift this Mother’s Day! With our free high-quality engraving services, personalize a message of love on a vase or bowl, and remind her how important she is to you every time she admires it.

Personalize a sweet, funny, message and gift a beautiful photo gift this Mother’s Day.

Photo Gifts – item SKU link at the end.

Photo Gifts SKU-items: 120411, 130091, 100911D , 100960D, and 190011D

A personalized wine glass, pitcher, or keepsake gift is sure to brighten up her day every time she uses it. With our selection of Mother’s Day keepsake and drinkware, you are sure to find the perfect gift to engrave and celebrate Mom!

Product Link list :

Personalized Vases and Bowls for Mom:

  1. 230011 – Nachtmann Calypso Vase

2. 221050 – Kosta Boda Tattoo Bowl

3. 180530 – Crystalite Colosseum Vase

4. 180970 – Crystalite Kyoto Vase

5. 181190 – Crystalite Enigma Bowl with Lid

Personalized Photo Gifts:

1. 120411 – Jade Curved Horizontal Gold Photo Frame

2. 130091 – Vertical Stainless Photo Frame with Silver Pole

3. 100911D – Color Photo Imprinted Horizontal Rectangle Plaque

4. 100960D – Color Photo Imprinted Crystal Heart Keepsake

5. 190011D – Sublimation Color Imprinted Ceramic Mug Photo Gift

Personalized Keepsakes and Drinkware:

1 210450 – Waterford Giftology Heart Box

2. 410111 – Light Brown Leatherette Wall Decor Plaque

3. 210610 – Waterford Giftology Heart Box

4. 231020 – Riedel Cabernet Merlot Wine Glass Pair, 21.5oz

5. 400060 – bq Classic Tone Copper Vacuum Bottle

6. 300140 – Cooler Cup and Octagon Coaster Gift Set, 17oz

7. 102530 – Pre-etched Heart Keychain for Mom

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2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Personalized Gifts for the People that You Love

This Valentine’s Day, personalize your love on a gift that is sure to be treasured forever. With our wide selection of decanters, wine glasses, photo frames, and keepsakes, you are sure to find the perfect Valentines’ day gift for your special someone. A personalized gift shows the ones you love how much you care by creating a thoughtful gift.

Give your favorite photos, memories of the two of you a new form of life. Personalized our photo frames and photo gifts with your favorite photo moments and custom engrave their name, the day you met, and more onto this year’s Valentine’s Day Gift. Our décor plaques are perfect to express your love for your significant other and gift them your words on a stunning plaque.

Personalize Barware and bar accessories all make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. A custom engraved champagne, wine, whiskey glass, are all are perfect to toast and celebrate the love you both share. Our stunning decanters, carafe and cocktail shaker may all be personalized with a special message or date to make this Valentine’s Day extra special.

Engraving an important date or sweet message onto a keepsake gift will show your Valentine how much they mean to you. Our collection of keepsakes includes a variety of stunning heart-shaped giftware, among beautiful vases and stunning crystal desk accessories. Present your love on their gift this Valentine’s Day.

Product Link list :

Personalized Photo Gifts and Décor plaques

100960D – Color Photo Imprinted Crystal Heart Keepsake

100930 – The Giving Heart Plaque

120411 – Jade Curved Horizontal Gold Photo Frame

120151D – Color Imprinted Photo Beveled Horizontal Rectangle Jade Glass Plaque

200291v – Pre-Designed ILY Acrylic Heart Keepsake Plaque

120431V – Pre-Designed Love Birds Jade Curved Horizontal Silver Photo Frame

Personalized Drinkware and Bar Accessories

 260164 – LSA WHISKY Arran Decanter & Walnut Base 33.8oz

260150 – LSA WINE Water & Wine Carafe Set with Oak Base 3pc Set, 1.2L/1.4L

211167 – Waterford Elegance Water Glass Pair, 17oz

180891 – Crystalite Naomi Flute, 5.4oz

211164 – Waterford Elegance Pinot Noir Wine Glass Pair, 18.6oz

Personalized Keepsakes & Desk Accessories

101530A – Pre-Designed Love Square Paperweight

210280 – Waterford Giftology Lismore Blush Vase

100950 – Crystal Heart Keepsake Clock

102334  – Heart Treasure Keychain

410044 – Rawhide Leatherette Keychain ID Holder

102542 – Pre-etched Love Rectangle Keychain

200390 – Acrylic Heart Box

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Give your holiday list a fun twist! With our free engraving services, you can create the perfect gift for everyone on your list. All of our gift ideas have been gathered in one place, so you are sure to find something for everyone, from your parents to your aunts to your best friends. Each gift may be personalized with a logo and text that may include their initials, a sweet message, or a date. Add custom artwork to drinkware, photo gifts, ornaments, and candle holders, and give one-of-a-kind gifts this holiday season!

Holiday Frames and Photo Gifts

Surround your favorite loved ones’ most treasured memories in a frame that you can customize with a memorable date and message. A personalized photo gift is sure to be treasured and make an impression among mom, wife, dad, husband, and even your best of friends!

Personalized Drinkware

A personalized stem glass, decanter, or mug will be the perfect gift for the one that loves a nice glass of wine, whiskey, or simply enjoys to host gatherings.

Gifts for the Ones who have Everything

Make everyone in your life feel special this holiday season, and give all one-of-a-kind gifts! A customized cutting board, flower vase, ornament are perfect gifts for any home or office.

Shop our favorite gifts of the season and personalize each with a custom name, messages and date.

Product SKU, Name and Links:

Holiday Frames & Photo Gifts.

  1. 200551D – Color Imprinted Photo Acrylic House

2) 120441– Jade Vertical Mirror Photo Frame with Stand

3)  120151D – Color Imprinted Photo Beveled Horizontal Rectangle Jade Glass Plaque

4) 190011D: Sublimation Color Imprinted Ceramic Mug Photo Gift

5) 200562D: Color Photo Imprinted Acrylic Circle Ornament

6: 200530D3: Color Imprinted Holiday Photo Plaque with Personalized Family Tree Art

7) 200291D – Color Imprinted Photo Acrylic Heart Keepsake

Personalized Drinkware-

1) 260163 – LSA WHISKY Islay Decanter & Walnut Base 33.8oz

2) 260150 – LSA WINE Water & Wine Carafe Set with Oak Base 3pc Set, 1.2L/1.4L

3) 231100 – Riedel O Cabernet Merlot Tumbler Pair, 21oz

4) 231020– Riedel Cabernet Merlot Wine Glass Pair, 21.5oz

5) 210604 Waterford Love Forever Flute Pair, 5oz

6) 180072 –  Glass Coffee Mug

7) 210271 – Waterford Lismore Nouveau Stemless White Wine 12oz, Pair

8) 211126 & 240330:

211126 – Waterford Mixology Circon Tankard, Pair

240330 – Lenox Tuscany Classics Wine Decanter, 64oz

9) 180110 – Sterling OTR Whiskey Glass, 10oz

Gifts for Everyone-

1.160373 – Bamboo 2-Tone Cutting Board

2. 210410 –  Waterford Giftology Lismore Honey Bud Vase

3. 120372 –  Square Jade Glass Coaster –

4. 210450 Waterford Giftology Lismore Essence Clock

5. 230011 – Nachtmann Calypso Vase

6. 220390 – Orrefors Puck Tealight Candle Holder

7. 410043 – Light Brown Leatherette Keychain ID Holder

Personalized Ornaments

130210, 130150, and 130120:

130210 –Premium Star Ornament

130150 – Premium Heart Ornament

130120 –Premium Jade Circle Ornament

200562D – Color Photo Imprinted Acrylic Circle Ornament

120490, 120550, and 120580:  

120490: Jade Beveled Heart Ornament

120550 –Jade Beveled Teardrop Ornament

120580   –Jade Beveled Cross Ornament

To browse the rest of our Personalized Holiday Giftware!

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