Why Engraved Glass Awards are the Perfect Choice for Any Occasion

People do not work for the sake of money only but there is something else which matters a lot and that is the wide acclaim and to find the recognition among the masses. Awards do not only acknowledge success; they recognise many other qualities: ability, struggle, effort and above all excellence. For a long time, awards have been the perfect choice to recognize someone for his or her contribution, brilliance or achievement in the particular field. Awards make someone feel really special and privileged about oneself. They are the symbol of appreciation and honour among the society. Moreover, awards bring us many personalities which could have gone unnoticed otherwise. Other than the highest paid celebrities or known person who have a huge amount of money but what about those who do not have hefty amount in their bank accounts but have done some wonders and really important work. This is where awards play a crucial role. Not everyone is lucky to get the money and the rah-rah he or she deserves. Those who do not, manage to get by the because of the support and recognition awards give them. It is the reason of the prime importance awards do have in our society.

Witnessing the utter importance of awards, every field in this world is now into organizing various award ceremonies to honour the brilliant and outstanding work done by individuals in the respective fields. Be it entertainment industry or technology world, sports field or science, artistic work or the humanitarian field, every single of them recognize such individuals who have achieved the height of excellence and contributed their essential efforts for the betterment of the particular field or industry. This recognition can be in any form like metallic trophy, gold or silver plated award, memento, medals and many more. Although it is the recognition and appreciation which matters to an individual but today seeing the different types of award designs and structures, several award ceremonies are particular about the award they are presenting. And seeing the current trend, engraved glass awards are catching up the trend and space very fast.


Engraved glass awards are getting more and more popular among the masses and organisation committees as well. Classic and crisp, glass awards are the perfect way to commemorate an event. Moreover, custom engraved award for the particular purpose and person are much more into this. Since glass has unique qualities, it is particularly expressive when honouring or recognizing a person, commerce or institution. Glass refracts light; it glitters; it is transparent, yet structural and can be formed in the unique shapes and styles. It can also be coloured or crystal clear and evokes ethereal properties. Over the years, engraved glass awards have become more and more popular because of the versatility of the material. Paired with beautifully cut stones like granite and marble, engraved glass awards are elegant and distinctive. Earlier boring and monotonous plaques or trophies were presented. But this style of honouring in form of engraved glass award reflects not only the achievement but person as well and also determines the taste and style of organizing committee. Moreover, they are very easy to handle and carry. They add the suaveness and alluring factor to anyone’s personality and honour.

Their popularity lies in the flexibility and structural options they show. They can be painted and engraved for any particular date or title very easily and beautifully. There are several different varieties of engraved glass awards available in the markets which are customized according to the event or the purpose. For a sporting event, they can be shaped like the equipment used in that event like baseball, hockey, baseball or any other thing and that too with event details and logo engraved in a very alluring manner. Any professional award can include the artistic picture with logo actually buried inside the glass giving a very artistic and one of its kind look. Any humanitarian award can be presented in the form of an artistic symbol showing the relevant cause for which it is awarded instead of having a plain monotonous structure in the earlier awards and trophies. Similarly, every other event or honour can be accordingly customized complimenting the nature of the award.

The most interesting part is the price at which they are available. As the technology, used to create these awards, has got very simple and easily available, they cost much less than the other less exciting options. The low price does not compromise on the quality, the easy available material and technology to make them is the sole reason for this.

Although the respect and the honour cannot be valued by the mere style and make of an award structure but if along with the appreciation and recognition, the individual gets a trendier and more artistic structure than the earlier forms then there is nothing to lose.

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