6 Retirement Quotes You Can Write On A Personalized Crystal Trophy

It is customary in a lot of companies to offer different types of gifts and awards on various occasions like birthdays, sales achievements, in order to keep the employees motivated or when someone important and valuable in the company retires. These types of gifts are basically signs of gratitude for the outstanding service a person has devoted to his job.

Additionally, in most cases, these employee recognition awards are also engraved with different types of messages. The CEO of the company usually writes a couple of kind words as a moral reward for the person who retires. If you want to say thank you to an employee of yours and you don’t really have any idea about what to write on the crystal award you want to offer to him then here are a few interesting suggestions that might help you in this case.

“Upon your retirement, your calm, thoughtful and efficient ways will be missed.”

This is a very simple message that actually says a lot and which will impress the person who will receive the crystal award. It basically speaks about the brilliant methods used by the retired person to solve even the most complicated and time-consuming problems which arose along the years. In order to make this message more personal, the CEO of the company can also add the real name of the retired person as well as the name of the company and the function the retiree occupied.

“May your golf clubs never rust!”

This is a great quote which can be used for those who retire from playing golf. Obviously, it should be accompanied by several other kind words such as “We wish you a happy retirement and we sincerely appreciate your loyalty and devotion”. In most cases, crystal awards offer sufficient engraving space, therefore a lot of words can be written on the gift in order to make it really special. Also, if the crystal award features motifs which are related to this sport then the gift will be truly unique and impressive.

“Congratulations on your well deserved retirement after so many years of brilliant service!”

A message like this can be used to congratulate a person who has worked in a company for a lot of years, even several decades in some cases. The CEO of that company might even want to engrave on the crystal award the exact number of years of service such as 30, 35 or even 40. This will basically highlight the wonderful career and reputation of the retiree and make him feel special. Moreover, the head of the company can also specify that the employee has been an example for others and his hard work will never be forgotten.

“A time to look back with admiration as well as a time to look forward with anticipation”

This short phrasing can be engraved on most crystal awards that are offered when someone retires from a company or business. These words sound great, they show appreciation for the hard work done by the employee and they encourage him to expect his next adventure with open arms. Additionally, in order to make the crystal award even more attractive and special, words like “Thank you for these years of glorious service and best wishes for a happy retirement!” can be added. Obviously, these messages can be used with great success regardless of the type of the business or company profile in which the retiree has served.

“We will miss your professional expertise and your warm friendship!”

Another excellent message which works perfectly especially with women who retire is the one mentioned above. Also, in order to make crystal retirement trophy more elegant and attractive, it should be decorated with several floral motifs. These decorations are basically engraved directly into the crystal award and they will make this gift unique and unforgettable.

“We wish you smooth sailing on your next new adventure!”

This is the last one in our list and it also conveys the feelings of gratitude and appreciation a company owner has for a person who retires after a long and successful career. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the pronoun “we” emphasizes that everyone in the company misses the outstanding service of the retiree, not only the CEO. The crystal gift can also feature several words like “With tremendous respect & fondness, your colleagues at …”, so that the person who retires knows exactly from where he received that crystal trophy.

These are only several types of messages you can use for your retirement crystal awards and you are encouraged to use the ones you like the most. Also, if you would like to shop for various types of crystal awards and trophies then feel free to explore our website and pick your favorites from our vast range of products. Our prices are affordable and the personalization is totally free!

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