Repairing Your Cracked Crystal Award

Everyone likes to get an award to have their achievements recognized. The pride one feels every time one looks at their awards is a priceless feeling; especially if it is a crystal award sitting and gleaming on the mantelpiece. However, the joy can quickly turn to sorrow when you realize that the trophy has developed a crack in its glass surface. Thankfully, there are ways to repair the crack without having the need for any professionals to intervene. The following steps will enable you to remedy the problem and make your crystal award look as good as new: – The first step is to buy a packet of glass glue. Crystal is a kind of glass with definitive refractive properties, so it is okay to repair cracks in crystal using glass glue. They are relatively cheap and can be purchased in any home improvement or stationary store.

– Glass glue usually comes in a tube form. Pierce the top of the plastic tube-end with a pin. Thinly apply the glue over the surface of the crystal where it has cracked. Instead of squeezing out a bunch of glue at once, squeeze slowly and go over the affected area as many times as required. Glass glue is just as strong as superglue, so keep it off your skin.
– The glass glue will require some time to seep into the crystal and harden. Leave it aside for up to two hours where no one can disturb it and is relatively dust-free. As the glue hardens, it will repair the crack.

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