Award Ideas for Employee Recognition

As any employer can tell you, the key to keeping an employee happy and motivated is to recognize their contributions and achievements. Rewarding an employee with a token of appreciation goes a long way in making them happy and securing their loyalty. Here are a few ideas for items that can be awarded to employees and won’t break the bank:
– Gift Certificates: Let the employee choose a gift certificate from a range of options. Gift certificate companies have dedicated corporate accounts and supply a wide variety of experience certificates at a bargain price. Let you employee enjoy an adventurous day of skydiving or a relaxing day at the spa.

– Extended Vacation: Your employee may not admit it, but the favourite thing they like about their job is the vacation from it. So it would figure that nothing would make employees more competitive than the possibility of winning a few extra days of vacation.

– Glass or Crystal Trophy/Award: No token of achievement can offer the same level of satisfaction as an award or trophy. An engraved glass or crystal award is not only elegant, but allows the employee to proudly display their achievement. There are many online retailers who can provide customized glass and crystal trophies and there is always something in the catalogue for every budget.

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