Drive Workplace Performance With Personalized Awards!

Motivating your employees is one way by which you can drive them to work. There are of course many forms of motivations or incentives you can use to make the entire idea work effectively to you and your employee’s favor. Among one of the most recognized highly effective way to reward them and drive workplace performance is by giving personalized recognitions to them. The more personalized the recognitions they get, the more productive they will be in their jobs. With a feather added to their cap, they will surely be more determined to excel in their chosen endeavor.

Incentive programs can drive workplace performance

Before getting to the bottom line of the matter, that is, to give personalized awards to employees, employers like you would definitely think of an incentive program. Many US companies have already seen the benefit of such programs in optimizing worker skills and in maximizing productive results. When formulizing your very own incentive program to drive workplace performance though, it is good to take some steps back and remember the basics.

Personalized awards and work performance

Many studies have been made to prove that personalized awards have something to do when it comes to driving workplace performance. One such study was conducted by a group called International Society of Performance Movement. In that study they have made, the researchers found out that employees rewarded under incentive programs have driven up the company’s sales performance to about 22%. That would mean additional $220 in terms of sales to an already existing $1,000 sales generation. Imagine if your existing sales are twice or thrice that figure. That would mean more for your company.

What are the other good results with personalized awards?

There are of course other things that this particular study found out when it comes to linking personalized awards with that of driving workplace performance. For one, it pointed out that when team incentives are given, the performance of the company would increase double the 22% thus resulting to a hefty increase of 44%. This means that giving team incentives is as crucial as giving personalized single-worker incentives to employees. Such programs also have the ability to retain highly qualified employees within the workplace.

Non-cash compared to cash incentives

An incentive program can be either in cash or non-cash form. In many office settings, employees are awarded cash gifts depending on their years of service or the type of work they have been performing in the company or how much sales they have made for a year. With a cash incentive already in place, some employers also manage to provide non-cash rewards to even drive work performance higher. So how do the two types of incentives compare to each other?

Cash incentives can add up some extra money to the pocket and will certainly benefit anyone who receives it but only for a short period of time. Once the money is gone, the reward is forgotten and at some disappointing instances, employees who have received the award may start complaining about the too little amount of incentive they have received for their performance.

If you intend to give your employees a long-lasting incentive that they will remember all their lives, it would be best to have a personalized award, something they can display in their homes or desks and keep for years. The memory such awards bring will last a lifetime. Imagine people seeing the award displayed on top of a centerpiece or inside a cabinet in the living room. That centerpiece can attract discussion thus making your employee look back at the moment when he received the award from you.

Custom order trophies to add drive to workplace performance

Trophies are symbols of one’s accomplishment. When you order them from a service provider and have them customized for your employee then you are heading the right track for sure. With a personalized award such as this, you can order trophies that would include texts about the employee’s personal accomplishment or milestone. Personalization makes the entire incentive deeper and will also imbibe a sense of belongingness on the part of your employee. The trophy can be something that will connect you and your employee to one goal, that is, your company’s mission and vision through time.

You can even add other bonuses to each employee milestone. Gift ideas that will mark the number of years they have served you would be a welcome addition to your list of incentive options. Anything works as long as it will benefit you, your employees and your business the way you intend to.

Personalized crystal awards are with no doubt one of the best forms of incentives you can give to your employees. Reward them for their efforts and keep on attracting fortune to your business with such gifts. They are great keepsakes that no amount of money can ever buy.

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