How Business Promotional Gifts Can Build Your Brand Identity

Business promotional gifts have changed a lot of industries into more profitable ones throughout the years. They come as incentives for clients who value the products and services delivered by these industries and at some point can help attract more clients to do business with the company. With promotional gifts in place, you can be sure, you are cooking something great for your organization and it is certain you will be able to build your brand identity.

Business promotional gifts and their positive effects on your brand

Such gifts are said to attract consumers to come and do business with you in a longer run. Many financial companies, manufacturing organizations and all sorts of other industries have already made their ways to make sure that there is something they can offer to consumers which in turn will increase their brand’s potential. Such gifts come with a fee that can be added up to your advertising cost. Despite the expense you have to make, you can be sure you will have a better return on investment, even hitting two birds with a single stone as you increase your brand’s name recall and your sales.

What do studies say about brand identity and business promotional gifts?

There are many findings associated with studies about brand identity and business promotional gifts. About 70% of those who partook in the study vouched that they have remembered the brand’s name even a year after receiving the promotional gift from the company. It was also shown that return on investment on such advertising effort was greater when compared to radio and other forms of advertising for the company. Of those who received the gift, only about 20% says they will not do business with the company again. Adding up to your fascination as a business owner, you can be guaranteed that a higher percentage of those who received your gift will keep them for a long time.

The different types of business promotional gifts

There are a lot of promotional gifts you can give to your prospects and existing clients. You can spend your time researching on the best gift ideas or pop up with something that will make the name recall even faster. Among your options are USB drives, which are highly popular to tech-savvy clients and pens for customers who will love placing them on their desk for them to use from time to time. Electric items and even mugs are still very popular too.

How do you make these business promotional gifts work for you?

While there are different types of business promotional gifts that you may choose from, one of the important considerations you need to bring in mind when making a choice is the fact that you must make sure it will work for you. You will know it will work for you not just for the mere uniqueness of the item or the look of your brand’s name engraved on it. When sales start driving in after you have used such an advertising campaign, then you will know it will work well for you. It is always important to make a wise move when investing on such gifts to give your prospects and clients.

Increasing brand recognition, among others, is the main point of giving promotional gifts to people. If you want this to make sense, it is recommended you execute some other things that will make your prospects call you. This is known as the “call for action” part of the campaign. The simplest way you can do that is to place your company’s contact information on the gift to allow clients to call you when they need your services.

Other ways to make business promotional gifts increase your brand identity

Apart from contact information, brand logo is a must when using promotional gifts to distribute to prospects and existing customers. The gift should likewise include your company’s vision or motto. It would also be wise to make sure you choose a product that will be of much use to your target market at the moment. You would not want them receiving a paper from you as a gift only for you to find out later they have thrown it into their trash bins.

Also, it is always important to add some connection between the gift and your business. For instance, you can give away calculators or piggy banks if your business is about making money. Financial planners will also be a wise choice. If your company is about insurance sales, you can give the usual promotional umbrellas or even first aid kits to remind your prospects of the business you are in.

Business promotional gifts would only work to your favor if you know how to use them to your advantage. In this case, when your intention is to build your brand identity, you have to exhaust all effort you can to make sure these products will be a tool for others to remember who you are and what your business is all about.

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