6 Sports Where Crystal Awards And Trophies Are Suitable To Reward Effort

Competitions of all kinds, especially sporting ones, are excellent and thrilling, but they wouldn’t be complete if some sort of reward is not offered at the end of the game. Basically, these rewards are used to acknowledge and recognize the efforts of the players who did everything in order to be the best on the field. These days, more and more such rewards and awards are made from crystal and needless to say, they are very eye-catching and valuable.

Also, the good thing is that trophies and awards made from crystal are suitable for many types of sports and they can be fully customized and engraved in order to be appropriate with the competition. Here are just 6 types of sports where crystal trophies and awards are excellent.


This is one of the most appreciated and watched sport on the planet. The players train hard, the competition is rough and the adrenaline is high. When friendly matches are organized, the best way to reward the winning team at the end of the sporting event is by offering a wonderful crystal plaque or trophy. This gift can be engraved with the names of the players and several words of gratitude and recognition can be added on the crystal trophy in order to celebrate this event. The best thing is that crystal trophies are not that expensive and even a couple of friends can organize several football matches, buy a crystal trophy and offer it to the winning team at the end of the day, just for amusement and fun.


In a similar fashion, this game is also very popular, particularly in South America and Europe. Therefore, there are many types of crystal trophies and awards that are specially built to celebrate a soccer victory. For example, they might actually feature a beautiful soccer ball made from crystal as well as a small plaque which can be engraved accordingly. In some cases, the soccer ball might be placed on a rectangular crystal base as well. Such crystal trophies can also be offered at the end of intense soccer competitions between schools or high schools.


More and more people fall in love with this sport and for good reasons. Tennis is an elegant sport, it can feature a lot of thrill and surprises and if it is played professionally, the cash prizes are very high. However, the rewards shouldn’t be only money. Especially if tennis is enjoyed among friends who know each other for a long time, crystal awards or trophies are the perfect way to celebrate a victory and pay honors to the victor. The crystal trophy can feature the name of the winner, the date of the competition and even his picture, in some cases. Also, those who look for a budget-friendly crystal trophy for their tennis competition should consider a special type of plaque that looks like a pen set and which doesn’t occupy a lot of space on the shelf.


This is another elegant sport where the winner needs to receive a little bit more than cheers and applauses. Especially if a group of friends plays pool on a regular basis, they should organize small competitions during weekends and reward the victor with an amazing pool crystal trophy. In this case, one of the most entertaining parts would be when adding personalized writings on the crystal trophy, in order to congratulate the winner.


This list wouldn’t be complete without basketball, a very popular and appreciated sport. There are many basketball trophies and awards made from crystal which would be appropriate in this case and which can be fully customized. Such awards can be offered when basketball competitions are organized between high schools, but not only then. Additionally, these basketball trophies can also bear the logo or flag of the high school as well as colored pictures and writings.


In a similar fashion, there are many people all over the world who love golf, an amazing sport played in the middle of the nature. In this case, golf clubs which organize regular competitions might want to reward their loyal clientele with different types of trophies and awards at the end of the day. There are many golf trophies made from crystal to choose from and all of them can be engraved and personalized accordingly. As a result, not only that the golf players feel great, but the prestige and popularity of the golf club increase as well.

If you are thinking of organizing a sporting competition in the future then make sure that you get several crystal trophies and offer them as reward, in order for your event to be a real success. We have a vast range of custom awards and gifts as well as crystal sporting trophies for you to choose from and they come at fair prices, so contact us for more details!

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