Shiny Trophies for Shiny Achievements

crystal plus
The shiny crystal glass trophies are the motivational tool to excel in the corporate world. Each year they work hard to achieve these trophies as a recognition price for their hard work. The shine of the crystal trophies correctly represent the outshining career graph of the business houses receiving them.

Most of the trophies are made up of crystals. They look similar to glass but have more strength as compare to them. The crystal contains more than 30% lead. This high percentage of lead differs the crystal from glass. The crystal shines brilliantly in the light, hence is highly preferred during the corporate award functions. Some of the awards come with colors, such as light greenish tint. This is called jade crystals and is done by varying the lead content of the crystals. Optical crystals have lesser percentage of lead and hence bring incredible clarity and shine to the awards. The starfire awards have sleeker looks and are in high demands.

Though there is no thumb rule, certain shapes are preferred for certain awards. The triangles and obelisks crystal trophies are reserved for the salesman of the year award. For those who donate highly the plaques are awarded to them. Plaques are also awarded to recognize the financial achievements. Star glass trophies have always been preferred for the high performers in their respective fields. Experimental ventures in various sectors that gain accolades are awarded figurines and engraved crystal awards. Tall awards are mostly preferred when the gathering is large; the shorter awards are kept in more private affair.

The crystal awards can now be ordered online. The awards can be completely customized and will be delivered within days of ordering. Bulk order attracts heavy discounts on each piece. This is in response to the cut throat competition in the e-commerce market. For more information kindly search the net. You can also get the address of the websites providing the customized trophy services. You can choose the raw material, design, shape, message to be engraved and size of the trophy.

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