Recognition Awards and Crystal Trophies

recognition awards
The corporate sector uses recognition awards to inspire their employees to excel and improve their performance day by day. Tough competition in today’s economy necessitates the need to make the top performing employees feel special and stand out from the rest. They serve as inspiration for other employees to follow. Many times they display their crystal trophies and plaques on their bookshelves for others to see and admire.

Most crystal awards an trophies are made from optical crystal. This type of crystal is manufactured in large sheets then pressed under enormous pressure to ensure it has no bubbles or distortions. This is th same type of material used in NASA telescopes, camera lenses and high-end visual equipment. Optical crystal is lead free which is perfect for all kinds of engraving methods. Sand blasting is the preferred choice as it provides the highest quality etch. Pieces are then hand polished and beveled to provide the shine and luster and brilliance that these crystal trophies posses.

Though there is no rule of thumb, there are specific designs of crystal trophies given to different sectors of companies. Salesperson of the year generally gets a triangle or obelisk shaped trophies. The triangle shape represents the pinnacle of achievement. Crystal trophies that are circular in shape and engraved can be given out for any occasion. You can give them for entertainment purposes or sports trophies. Taller crystal trophies are great to show that employees have reached their goals. Likewise, the shorter crystal trophies can be given out to more of the rank and file employees for general achievements.

There are many websites who sell recognition awards and crystal trophies. You can either choose from the number of existing shapes and designs or have one of the companies create a custom award for you. Laser printing can be done on crystal trophies to give the words a floating look in the glass. You can entirely customize the design of the trophy, its color, material used, and words engraved in the trophies. In all cases, receiving a recognition award is a long lasting way of making employees feel appreciated.

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