What It Takes To Choose The Right Trophy For An Award Ceremony

An award ceremony is an important event. When choosing trophies that will be awarded to winners, you need to be very careful. What you give out says out a lot about you and what you represent. If the award trophies are for best performing employees in your company, you have to let the trophies say something great about your company. Below-par trophies do not send the right signal. The following factors are useful in finding a perfect trophy that will make an impression during an award ceremony.

Trophy value


The trophy should be valuable. It should be high-quality and appealing in particular. You should not consider anything less. Finding priceless trophies requires your time and dedication. First, you need to get in touch with the best trophy suppliers in town. Keep in mind that all trophy suppliers that you are going to encounter will tell you that they make the best trophies.

However, proving their statement is as easy as looking at some of their works and judging their quality. Quality is one of the elements that will help you to identify the right trophy. Silver, crystal and glass among other materials used in making custom trophies and awards vary in quality. To determine the value of a trophy, inquire about the grade of the material used to make it. If the material is highly graded, it is worth your money.

Engraving quality

The engraving of a trophy also matters. Good engravings clearly show words that make a person feel more appreciated. It makes the message and the award more genuine. Therefore, they have to be right and relevant to a particular award ceremony. This boils down again to the suppliers you choose. There are numerous ways of engraving trophies. Different trophy companies use their own unique techniques to engrave trophies.

Consequently, finding the right trophy will require you to compare trophies from different companies. Trophies made from companies with a vast experience in artistic work (from glass to metal) make the most impression. When working on trophy engravings, you should ask for ideas on what to write on a trophy if you seem to be a little clueless. Trophy companies offer a number of options to enhance trophy value. Pick the one that suits you most.

Cost for the trophies

In most cases, the budget for trophies is determined by the management if it involves a company. However, if it is a personal initiative for your business, you will be the one responsible for setting up the trophy budget. High quality trophies will cost more than low quality trophies. Other factors such as type of material and engraving quality used in making a trophy also determine the cost of a trophy.

Find a quality trophy with a reasonable price. Ask for discounts or price negotiations when dealing with trophy suppliers. Sometimes, it may not be easy to find high quality trophies at affordable prices. The only way out is comparing quotes from different companies and buying a trophy from a company that seems to offer a fairer price and quality product.

When choosing trophies for award ceremonies, do not let cost of trophies be a factor that compromises quality. In some instances, cheap may not always be good and too expensive may not always be high-quality. Carefully weigh all the available options before buying a trophy.

Additionally, you need to be aware of delivery when ordering customized trophies. It is possible to end up in an event without having your trophy delivered. Therefore, ensure a trophy company works within your time limit so you can have the trophy ready before the event. A trophy delivered in time will save you the embarrassment of not having anything to give at the award ceremony.

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