Adding Specialized Meaning To A Crystal Award

Everyone feels good when they are motivated at work, home or any other social place. Appreciating what one has done by giving out exceptional gifts is a one of a kind way that expresses a great depth of gratitude. Over and above all, the words that you attach to the award also add meaning to it.

A crystal award is an excellent choice if you want to recognize or appreciate someone particularly in the corporate world or any other professional field. Therefore, if you decide to go for it as an option, adding a meaningful and personalized message in the crystal award will definitely impress the recipient. The following are simple tips that will assist you to go about customizing crystal awards to make them wonderful.

Make use of the etch space by adding a logo

Logos particularly come into play if it involves an organization. In that regard, you need to determine the apt point for placing the organizational logo. For instance, you may decide to make use of the etch space by placing the logo either at the top or bottom of the award. Leaving ample space between the logo and other text is a sure way to make it more visible and appealing. The engraving size is actually another determinant for right positioning of the logo. That means going for an ideal engraving size will leave you with more room to think about creative and self-appealing things you may add in the crystal award.

Naming the award


Regarding award naming, there are a number of options that you can play around with for starters. Nature of recognition for an award varies quite a lot because there are so many organizational structures that may require recognition. These include areas such as sales, marketing, best performer, most innovative, team award just to name a few. In essence, the award name briefly summarizes the reason behind the recognition of a person. You should also consider the font size for the names. Ideally, it should not be larger than the recipient’s name.

Naming the recipient

The name of the recipient is the most significant thing in the award that you would not want to mess up. You need to have the right spelling of the names because people get a little offended when you wrongly spell one of their names. In addition, it has to stand out within the award’s etch. Fortunately, you can use various graphic approaches to make the recipient’s names the center of all attention in the award. In practical sense, you may use capital letters (for all names), bold the name, italicize, use large fonts or underline. Whatever method you choose to use for naming the recipient, make it very impressive. Lastly, do not forget to include introductory texts such as “presented to” and “in honor”.

Award message

Before presenting the award, the speech you give may have something to do with the award message. Although it is optional in crystal awards, it needs to be consistent and in line with the nature of the award. A perfect message composure in the award is the best ingredient to enhance sentiments given out. The message needs to be clear and concise with an appealing sense. The etch space helps determine the length of the message you want to have in the award. If there is a small space, you should work with a shorter message and if there is adequate etch space, you may have a slightly long message in the award. Do not be too wordy because less in such instances is more. The design of the award is also another factor that can help you come up with a great message. For instance, when the award design resembles a sphere, you may use words such as, “Our success revolves around you.”

Awarding time

Finally, you may choose to have a date in the award. Even though it is also an optional factor, people like to have dates in awards in two ways that entail having the exact date of award presentation or the date of accomplishing a particular goal. Essentially, you may have the project completion date, the anniversary date and retirement date among others. There are several display formats for dates that you can pick for the award. Remember to consider the etch space when choosing a date format.

All in all, awards can speak volumes with little words. They make a person feel more than appreciated and serve as a constant reminder that a person achieved or contributed to something positive that earned them recognition. Crystal awards will never let you down when you want to leave a lasting impression on someone. The best part is you can get custom crystal awards. All it takes is planning to visit a crystal award and plaque manufacturer to make your order as early as you can so you can have the award ready before your event.

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