Awarding The School Basketball Team For Outstanding Performance

It is not easy to reach the final game in a basketball contest because of the fierce competition along the way. Managing to make it through tough basketball competition requires lots of effort, dedication and commitment from the basket school team. If your school team manages to get to the finals and wins the match, they definitely deserve the best appreciation. Awarding the school basketball team is a way to show them that hard work truly pays. It is the motivating factor that makes the players to feel like they have earned the victory. Awarding ceremonies usually come after achieving a particular objective. Here is more on awarding and appreciating the basketball school team.


Planning the awarding ceremony

The award ceremony should be special and memorable. It should make the school team basketball players feel genuinely appreciated. Therefore, it is important to plan things in advance to ensure everything goes smooth during the award ceremony. Planning an awarding ceremony involves finding an ideal venue to host the event – ideally the school. Choosing the school as a venue is a brilliant way of cutting down on cost for hiring event venues. Planning involves hiring tents and chairs, sound systems and making decorations. Another important factor in planning entails coming up with a timetable to ensure there is order and efficient time management.

Finding trophies

Besides planning for the awarding ceremony, you need to consider ways of rewarding the school team. You may use a certain criteria to award the school team such as having awards for the entire school team and individual basketball players. When awarding individual basketball players, it is important to focus on their contributive roles in the team and how they stood out during the entire basketball competition. With this idea in mind, you will be able to find sports trophies and awards for the entire school team and for individual players. Contact suppliers and make your orders as early as possible to ensure you have the trophies delivered before the awarding ceremony.

Giving medals and certificates

When a school team wins at the final basketball game, the basketball association usually offers different kinds of medals to the team members. The winning team members usually get the gold medal while the first runners-up team members get silver medals. Second runners-up usually get bronze medals. Although medals are given to the respective teams after the competition, you may also officially hand over the medals to the basket players during the school awarding event. It is an effective way of recognizing all the members of the team without leaving anyone out. You may also give out certificates of participation to the basketball team members. These certificates help a lot especially when making the individual’s curriculum vitae.

Food and refreshment

An event without something to make people feel refreshed is not complete. It is the reason why you need to ensure that everyone in the awarding event is served to scrumptious meals and refreshments. Ensure people enjoy every minute of the awarding ceremony by adding entertainment. With the help of the timetable for the entire event, see to it that everything falls in place. Let everyone eat to their fill, dance to their victory with entertainment music and receive trophies and awards for their efforts.

With careful planning for the awarding ceremony, everything is bound to go well. Even if there may be a little problem, do not let it interfere with the purpose of the event. Make all the basketball players feel the school’s love and appreciation and you will be on your way to more victories in the future. Make the event a big success by finding the right sport trophies!

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