The Importance of Well-defined Engraving for Personalized Crystal Awards

Important recognitions such as Lifetime Achievement or Hall of Fame awards need to be a step above the rest. One way of doing so is by customizing or personalizing the words on the trophy to suit the recipient. On crystal awards, it is especially important to ensure that the engraving is well-defined, aside from being complete and correct. One way to do this is to choose a manufacturer that offers sandblasting, which is considered the best engraving method for this type of material.

While there are many awards given to honor those who’ve excelled in their field, there are times when an organization would want to honor someone who has done something far greater. Awards given to these outstanding people are meant to recognize a person’s excellent contributions over the entirety of his career or lifetime, rather than just a single contribution.

With its enduring brilliance, a crystal trophy is a fitting award for someone who has achieved so much and inspired people to do the same. But because the award is meant for this one particular person, it’s only proper to customize it in a way that reflects the organization’s gratitude and is fitting to the recipient. Aside from picking out a special design, words play a role in making the award truly special.

Due to crystal’s translucent nature, clarity is important in ensuring that the message and the recipient’s name are clearly seen. Thus, organizers need a manufacturer that ensures a clear engraving. One way for a manufacturer to make sure of this is to use sandblasting. Once used to clean surfaces, sandblasting can also etch or carve designs or words into crystal, glass, or similar materials.

This method involves the “blasting” of air or steam that carries sand or abrasive materials at a high velocity. As these particles etch the surface, it turns semi-opaque. The ‘whiting’ or ‘snowing’ of the surface is used to produce words or designs.

The result is deeper etches and sharper engraved lines, making sure that the award’s wording is well-defined. Unlike other engraving methods, sandblasting makes sure that the recipient’s name won’t be easily erased from crystal awards even after many years.


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