Spicing Up Your Organization’s Recreational Days With Great Awards

Awarding someone for achieving a particular thing is a way of acknowledging his or her efforts and commitment. Great awards use few words to say what the heart can say in a hundred words. On that note, recreational activities are incomplete without awards. Recreational activities are important especially in the corporate setting. Essentially, people sit in the office working throughout the day with little time to do something different from office work.

Recreational days make it possible for the company staff to have a quality time while participating in different sporting activities. In each sporting activity, there is a set objective and the team that manages to achieve it gets rewarded for its efforts. Recreational activities refresh the minds of your staff and prepare them to handle future company objectives effectively.

Creating award categories


In every recreational activity, there are particular tasks that should be done by each participating team. The team that wins earns points before proceeding to the next task. Recreational activities majorly aim at building a spirit of team-work among the staff. It seeks to see how employees from different departments can work together to complete a task and achieve a particular goal to earn points.

Creating award categories involves identifying certain tasks and objectives that reveal a particular trait about a group. For instance, you may have categories such as the most coordinated group, active and energetic group, fast problem-solving group, efficient time-management group and so forth. In all these areas, the aim is test certain work qualities in your employees that will make them more effective at their respective work departments.

Choosing awards

It is important to choose the right kind of award that you are going to give at the end of a recreational day. Recreational days are full of fun and to take the excitement to the next level, nothing makes quite a difference like custom crystal awards. Crystal awards have an appealing look. To get the best crystal award, you need to find the right suppliers. You should also give out clear description regarding the type of crystal awards that you would like to have for awarding purposes.

The price for the crystal awards is another important element to consider. You can fairly judge the quality of crystal awards based on their price. Ensure the kind of crystal awards you choose have the right engraving that sends out a clear message to your staff. Your staff will cherish the sweet words of appreciation engraved in a crystal award that is given to them for completing a particular task while participating in the recreational activities.

Handing over the awards

There are a number of ways that you can use to hand over awards to the winning teams. You may start off by offering a little appreciation speech and highlighting the major objectives of a particular task and its significance in the professional field. After the speech, you can present the award to a winning team while taking pictures to capture the moment. Ensure that different teams that have won in various categories receive unique crystal awards. In particular, a crystal reward should reflect the nature of a particular task. It will leave an impression on your employees and have a significant on their work perspective.

Recreational activities are important. They give your employees the chance to have a different outdoor experience that relates to their work in a positive manner. Recreational activities also help in renewing the mind and exercising the body since vigorous activities are involved. The best part about recreational activities is that they enhance team work and create opportunities for employees from different department to meet, interact and share ideas. Topping it all off with great crystal awards makes the experience really worthwhile!

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