3 Tips For Hosting A Company Award Ceremony That Will Impress All Your Staff Members

The point of hosting an award ceremony is to recognize and appreciate the efforts of an individual within your organization. Ordinarily, companies are known to hold these ceremonies on a yearly basis in order to appreciate their top performers and inspire the rest of the staff. In order to actually achieve this, however, you will need to make a lasting impression and let the staff members really feel appreciated or challenged depending on where they stand. There are three major considerations that will help you in achieving these outcomes.

Budget adequately and order for custom awards early enough

If you are giving your staff members a memorable award ceremony, you have to invest in it. Ordinarily, you will be working within a set budget since this is probably an annual event that is now a part of your corporate calendar. For it to be successful, however, you will need to ensure that it is well budgeted for. Do not focus so much on cutting costs and minimizing your expenditure. The thing about good ceremonies is that they are not really cheap. They may not have to be too expensive but you cannot afford to host a cheap ceremony as this will reflect on the company’s image.

Remember to consider all the important factors, including decorations and entertainment among other things. The right budget will save you from the embarrassment of a cheap ceremony or a postponement. Also remember to order for the custom service awards early since they usually take some time to be delivered. If you do not order early, you are likely to have to postpone the ceremony or even settle for less in terms of the awards.

You can actually host that ceremony away from your office premises


The most common trend in terms of ceremony awards is being hosted within the company’s premises. This means converting one of the conference or board rooms into a ballroom for one night. The pros of doing this involve familiarity and reduced expenses. However, the excitement associated with the ceremony will be greatly reduced. If you decide to go outside your comfort zone and take your employees out of their usual environment, you will have created an impeccable memory for them.

The new venue will provide them an opportunity to actually interact away from the office environment, making it much more inviting and thus more fun for all those involved. To get an impressive venue, you do not have to spend too much money either. It does not even have to be a five star hotel. Any classy location that is comfortable and impressive should do the trick.

Create a festive mood with the décor and entertainment

Award ceremonies are especially places where memories are made. This means that you’ll have to work extra hard to ensure that the décor and the entertainment are up to the right standards. When choosing the décor, you will have to go for something that is inclusive since you are trying to engage the entire organization. You could go for themes that generally appeal to your employees, or one that is generally relevant to the organization. Either way, do not compromise on the décor and the entertainment as these will set the mood of the ceremony. Keep everything upbeat, but also comfortable since you also do not want to deter your employees from attending.

All in all, a good award ceremony has to be memorable and very impressive in all aspects. And when it comes to the service awards for employees, you need to remember to order them early. This is the only way you can be sure to get the awards on time for your event.

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