How To Personalize A Plaque For Your Employee

Customized plaques are one of the most popular methods to commemorate individuals or groups at special events. Whether the plaques are for an academic achievement, promotional event, corporate recognition or sports tournament, these acrylic or crystal awards make a statement and serve as lasting mementos that can be retained and cherished for years on end. One of the best things associated with plaques is that they are very easy to customized based on the interests of the recipient or the nature of the event. Here are some of the top tips you can use right away to personalize the perfect plaque for your next event.


Choose your materials wisely

Plaques can be constructed out of all types of materials, ranging from stone, wood as well as other metal types. But there are certainly other options to choose from nowadays and they include crystal, glass and acrylic. If you opt for plaques to be made out of crystal, you would be delighted to know that it provides opportunities for a prestige and classic award to be made. Oftentimes, crystal plaques are great to be displayed on one’s desk and enhance his or her corporate image. All in all, each material has their unique price point, feel and look. When it comes down to choosing materials, the possibilities on how you can customize your plaques are endless and there is something that suits everybody’s needs.

Yearly distinctions

If you organization or team presents plaques on an annual basis, consider redesigning such plaques so that the awards given out each year can be easily distinguished from the past. This works exceptionally well if you expect the same recipients year after year. If your company has grown tired of wooden plaques, try something that provides a see-through effect such as a crystal plaque. You can also choose to add colors to these modern materials to improve the overall aesthetic and appeal. Your employee will be more than delighted to know that they will be receiving something that they will feel proud of in years to come.

Include handwritten inscriptions and signatures

Imagine how much more special a plaque can become if it is presented with a handwritten message from the head of a department or the CEO him or herself. It is definitely one of the simplest and easiest ways to add something that is pack with a lot of impact. Utilizing special engraving equipment and technology, it is now possible to include handwritten messages on a plaque. Now you can add more meaning to a plaque, rather than just the recipient’s name.

Include a motivational quote

It is great to engrave a relevant quote on your employee’s plaque as it adds more meaning to it. For instance, you can inscribe something like: “Perseverance – the ability to overcome your tiredness through hard work and determination,” to an employee who have managed to meet a difficult sales target against all odds. You can also include a line stating that even gold can’t beat that one-and-only alloy called guts, to make that medal that the employee deserved.

Motivational and inspiring quotes are a few of the main reasons behind a person’s success. Including such quotes in an employee’s plaque allows him or her to take a look at it from time to time and improve their motivation, which assists them to take action and bring them closer to achieving their goals in the organization and etc.

Add a relevant logo

You can easily add more meaning to a plaque by adding your corporate logo to it. Aside from increasing the aesthetic appeal of the plaque, that logo can make it much more memorable and special for the recipient. It will also distinguish the plaque from other awards that reside in its vicinity. Other than adding the corporate logo, try to hire a designer to design another logo that is more specific to the employee’s successful project.

How to do the engraving on the plaque

Here are some more tips to help with the content of the plaque. To congratulate an employee for his or her achievement, you should engrave their names in large letters, and then followed by the message and the date. You can also choose to use tildes around the date. To show your appreciation for an employee who has worked for your company for many years, you can follow an appreciation plaque format.

For instance, you should engrave the name of the presenter at the bottom, engrave the recipient’s name and message above it, and decide whether to inscribe entire plaques with engraving or opt to use a small plate that bears the same information and attach it to the bottom of the plaque.

If you need extra ideas or want to seek inspiration on plaques, you can talk to our experts here at Crystal Plus. We design and make corporate crystal awards for both companies and individuals alike.

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