Boosting Employee Morale And Improving Their Engagement With The Company

Many employers believe that employee morale consists of the following: employees’ satisfaction, emotional connection and attitude during the course of their employment with the company. However, some feel that monitoring morale should be based on employee productivity and retention.

This may proved to be counterproductive for some employees who have passion for their roles within their organization, but expectations and the daily struggles they face may make their job become increasingly unbearable. Furthermore, some employee’s commute to work as well as the known frustrations they might face at work may start a premature avalanche of emotions that adversely affect their work performance.

If you are an employer yourself, you do not need to fret as you can avert the aforementioned issues by giving your employees opportunities to open up through conversations, which can help improve employee morale and engagement. Below are some more tips you can use to boost your employees’ morale.


Communication is a two-way street

Constant idea sharing is much encouraged in a corporate setting. You should listen to what your employees have to say as they may share ideas that are great. However, ideas can only go so far if an employee does not have sufficient knowledge about business operations. You can implement management strategies that are open-book, supplying employees with the financial data or critical information along the way.

You must follow up by teaching them what the aforementioned means so their ideas in the future can influence the collective success of the company. Keep in mind to keep your employees well-informed and ensure that they know you are willing to hear their input as well as continue a discussion.

Be aware of the special events in your employee’s life

Employees’ weddings, birthdays, and their children’s accomplishments – if there is a reason to celebrate, you should go ahead and do it! Whether you choose to find a beautiful greeting card and let everyone sign on it or buy a round of coffee for employees in the morning shift, these are the little things that help show your appreciation and awareness for your employees. These ideas may sound corny at first, or even a little embarrassing, but it definitely helps put a smile on the faces of your employees.

Make the workplace more comfortable than it is

It is more than aesthetics when it comes to designing a comfortable work environment. One has to pay careful attention to the area’s design in order to boost overall employees’ happiness. Some of the basic things you will need are ergonomic desks and cushy chairs, but that’s not all. You will have to adjust something else such as your workplace’s lighting scheme.

For this, you can introduce fun and unorthodox desk lamps if you are unable to remove the glare from overhead fluorescents. You may also open the curtains to allow more natural light to enter. Maintain the office temperature at a level that’s comfortable for all. Lastly, ensure that all your technology is up to date and are capable of facilitating all jobs that need to be done.

Recognize the good work of employees with rewards

This would be one of the easiest things to take care of as you can present employee recognition awards during your company’s gala dinner. Many employees want to feel valued, and a personalized crystal award complements other things such as writing a thank you note or telling your employees that they have done a good job verbally.

You can organize parties when your companies meet monthly goals, but do so in a way that’s appropriate for your workplace or business environment. While you are showing that you value your employees’ work, do not single out only the superstars for the good things they have done. You should keep in mind to reward everyone for their achievements and reinforce teamwork.

Encourage more work breaks to be taken at the right time

Remind your employees that they are entitled to take necessary work breaks when the timing is right. You can suggest for them to take a short walk around the block and grab a cup of coffee along the way. Work tends to be done faster when an employee feels more refreshed after a much needed break. It can also impede unnecessary stress among your employees in the long run. If you face workaholics, you will need to make your breaks mandatory. Ensure that the pantry is well stocked with snacks and drinks. Taking a break in the pantry or lounge allows coworkers to mingle with each other over a much deserved break.


Start the journey of getting in tune with your employees to gauge their overall morale by engaging them in meaningful conversations. You may ask them about their strengths, struggles, as well as feedback on what can be improved within the organization. It is pertinent that you prevent any disengagement from your employees as it may rub off on other coworkers.

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