Have You Heard Of These Non-Traditional Award Trophies Yet?

If you ask anyone what do they think when they hear the word ‘trophies’, you might receive answers that describe images of chiseled statuettes, shiny silver bowls and giant brass cups. These are the most of the common thoughts that often come to mind. However, many of the aforementioned would not even be recognized as a trophy type at all if it were not for the popularity and prestige of the events for which they were awarded. If you are interested in learning more about a few of the trophies that are less traditional, you are in luck. Below are some of the types of non-traditional trophies that exist in the world:

Paris-Roubaix Cobblestone


At the end of what was considered as the most grueling and longest bicycle races that took place in Europe, the winner was presented with a cobblestone. Cobblestones are stones that can be commonly found in the pavement of early streets. The stone got its name from “cob” and was initially referred to any small-sized stones that were rounded by the natural flow of water. Smooth cobbles were then picked from stream beds and used to pave the first cobblestone streets.

Although the cobblestone does not share much aesthetic appeal on the outside, it was used to represent the arduous stretch of cobblestone that cyclists have to ensure in order to complete the race. The winner, apart from receiving the cobblestone trophy, was awarded an additional $39,000. This goes to say that trophies do not always have to be plated in 24K gold, or be shiny and sparkly.

Trophee Du Hassan II

This particular trophy was presented in a golf tournament known as The Hassan II Golf Trophy. The tournament was held in Morocco and hosted by Prince Moulay Rachid, his Royal Highness. Additionally, the tournament was named after the prince’s father, who served as King of Morocco. The king’s name was Hassan II. Before the tournament was moved to Agadir in 2011, it was previously held at the Royal Golf Dar Es Salam in Rabat. The tournament has been played since the early 1970s and has been a European Tour event since 2010. This is indeed a prestigious golf tournament and the winner receives a massive shiv that is bejeweled.

Green Master’s Jacket

At one of golf’s most prestigious tournaments, the Green Master’s Jacket is known by many as the top prize of the pristine event. Before it became an annual tradition, the history of the tournament dates back more than sixty decades ago. Every year when a new winner emerges, the previous champion from the tournament helps to put on the fairway-green coat. The new champions technically get to keep their new trophy or jacket, but the prize must be housed and only worn at the tournament’s host, which is the Augusta National Golf Club. The jacket surprisingly resembles something that can be found off the men’s rack from Macy’s.

Wrestling Belts

Since the birth of professional wrestling, champions have always been presented with elaborate belts that can be plated with gold as well as other precious metals on a broad leather strap. The metals, designs and even the colors used usually vary depending on the title being contested for. Belts like these are also awarded to professional boxers. Nowadays, championship belts have spread its wings to the world of mixed martial arts. Mixed Martial Arts or MMA for short, follows the boxing model of each sanctioning group and serves a promotion too. The belt is used to award its champion in each weight class. As observed in boxing, each promotion’s belts’ design is the same regardless of what weight class it is used in. The champion also gets to keep their belt even after losing a title.

The Venus Rosewater Dish

This is the grand trophy that is awarded to the champion of the Ladies’ Singles at the championships held in Wimbledon. The trophy is a traditional Rosewater dish that dates back to ancient England. They were used mostly after eating to capture rosewater poured over the hands of the diner. This particular dish resembles a splitting image of the goddess Venus. However, the winner does not get to retain the trophy to herself, but rather receives a three-quarter sized replica of the prize.

Trophies are great for keepsake and as a reminder of one’s battles and victory during a tournament. It serves as a physical reminder that all effort put in before the competition was not gone to waste, and one’s efforts is recognized and etched in the memories of the recipient.

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