How glass gifts are engraved

Have you ever looked at a glass object that is engraved and asked yourself how it’s done? Engraving can be done in a number of ways. I will share one of the methods, so you can decide for yourself if this method will be suitable for you. Sand blasting has been proven to work best for engraving glass objects. It carves directly into a product that leaves a clear and precise image.

A mask is placed over the area to allow sand crystals to penetrate. Other areas that are not meant to be touched are safe and will not be exposed to the sand crystals. The sand crystals are then applied to the area through a pressurized nozzle. This kind of engraving can be done on materials such as crystal, glass or marble. Controlling the time and correct settings to apply only the right amount of sand will leave the correct depth of the etching.

When the sand blasting has been completed, the protective mask is removed. After the mask has been removed, there will be a beautiful engraved glass gift that is ready to be sent. You can choose to add colors if you wish to make the engraved area a little more pronounced.

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