Get To Know How To Choose The Perfect Corporate Gift!

Corporate gift giving is a purposeful process and it has to be done carefully. If done in good taste, it can pave a way for better relations and as a means to open portals that will make any working atmosphere more conducive, thus, yielding more productive results. Reasons may be to express gratitude for a continued business relationship, to thank valued clients or to show appreciation to employees who do the extra mile in their fields of work.

A general rule when giving gifts is to know the ethics of giving. Be aware of the gift giving policy of some companies as some don’t encourage it. Avoid giving extravagant gifts because this will put you in a dubious line. More so, see to it that your present will not put the recipient in a bad light. The following are some other guidelines for you to be able to choose a perfect corporate gift.

Think about the gift’s ‘appropriateness’

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Appropriateness can be described in many ways. For one, you should know the personality of the recipient. This is very important because your gift may appear annoying and out of place. A receiver with a corporate personality will definitely not be pleased with fancy items. If closeness has not been established yet, avoid giving too personal things regardless of how cute they may seem to you. Limit your gift giving to special occasions to avoid the impression of giving bribes. It will be nice to put some effort into it and make a research on what is interesting to the receiver but do it secretly. Consider their preferences and favourites.

Do think of how the gift will be presented

Containers and gift wrappers can make an impression. Take time to write original gift tags. This will give a more personal touch to the gift you are about to give. It is also justifiable to send a gift provided the recipient is far from your vicinity.

Think of the best gift for an occasion or for your line of business

Liquor and wine, for instance, are old favourites but with the emergence of new brands in the market, it is quite confusing to choose a preferred brand. Again, a little research will do the trick. It may be costly but you can always ask from a winery for alternatives. Cigars also form part of the popular choices. A box of neatly wrapped old time cigars will be pleasing to a cigar enthusiast.

Another favourite choice as a corporate gift is a food item since it ties in well with the holidays and other corporate celebrations. It can be enjoyed with co-workers and the family. However, as much as possible refrain from giving pre-packed food items. Handpick each item that goes into the package. Another piece of advice is to know the health condition of the receiver. A box of sweeties or mutton would be offensive to someone who is obviously a diabetic or is hypertensive.

Include in your list office supplies since this comes in the list of safe choices but then again, take note of these items’ quality. You cannot purchase just anything. Give regard to the quality and design. It should be nothing fancy. Another great gift is a ticket to sporting events or concerts. This can make a great gift but first you must know the preference of the person whom you will be giving it. Have an idea as to his free time so as not to create a conflict of interest.

Buy only at reputable stores

When bothered on where to buy corporate gifts, visit reputable stores. You may also opt to buy directly from the manufacturer to avail of lower prices. It is also suggested to purchase brand name items through representatives or agents when you plan to buy in bulk. You may even be given a discount. Scout for distributors. Another purchasing option is through online merchants. These may ease you off the burden of hopping from one shop to another.

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