Do You Know Why An Employee Service Award Matters?

In the workplace where competition is tough and only the fittest survives, recognition in any form can boost and uplift the morale of any employee. Others call it as a loyalty or longevity award which is given to any employee who has reached milestones in his career for a certain period. Service awards serve as tangible reminders of acknowledgment for the commitment of employees who managed to stay with the organisation. It does not only serve as a gesture or a token of appreciation but on the other hand, it also plays a role in employee retention.

Results of a survey yielded a sensible result, that is, 83% still give rewards for length of service and 58% of which view it as a part of the recognition bundle. Unfortunately, only 9% regard service awards as a tool for employee retention. Some still fail to realise that compared to what the organisation will be shelling out for employee service awards, meritorious awards can be an investment that can have a great impact for both the employer and the employee. This can bring forth a positive implication that can further motivate an employee to be more productive which eventually, will give be more advantageous for the organisation.

Why plan an employee service award?

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Often, employee service recognition is the last on the minds of employers. Unless someone sees it from the data bank, a person who’s been with the company for lengthy years frequently goes unnoticed. This could turn the tables because it would conjure pent up resentments for the supposed recipient which may lead to a less productive output. It is strongly suggested that careful planning should be done for the following reasons.

To finalise the awards date and where to hold the event

See to it that the awardee is present on this momentous event. As a protocol, include the attendance of most employees especially in the department where the awardee is a member. A special program can be arranged for this or it could be incorporated to a company affair or event.

To consider allotted budget

In large corporate firms, there is a budget that is specifically set for this but it can be adjusted according to the company’s productivity for the past years. As a rule, there is a certain amount or gift package that is tantamount to an employee’s recommended length of service. A parameter serves as guideline for this. Budget should also cover other expenses like refreshments and other fees.

To notify the recipients in person or by email

This is to ensure that the recipient will be present on that special day. Obviously, they may want to bring their family along so it is best that the awardee will be informed to make arrangements regarding family attendance.

To get suggestions from awardees

They worked hard for this and it is their option to have it in cash or in kind. Although some companies don’t welcome this idea, it will still make your loyal employees feel more honoured. If an award in kind is a choice, obtain it in the soonest possible time and check its condition

To give ample time for the organizer and significant others to make the program

Careful planning will make the presentation very memorable. A ‘presentation fact list’ should be obtained by the speakers and this should include the recipient’s name, job title, specific contributions to the company, personal information, anecdotes and other activities. Accomplishments must be tactfully enumerated.

When you have planned your employee service award, everything else will come in place. It will be good to consider using crystal employee service awards for a great keepsake for your employees.

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