What Factors Will Affect Your Choice When It Comes To Trophy Suppliers?

A trophy symbolises victory be it in the academe, in sports or in any event where a contest is held. It is something that is treasured not because of its structure but the idea it represents. With this in mind, a trophy must be withstand the test of time so that they can be presented to future generations as a sign of your or the recipient’s excellence.

If you will be the giver or you are a member of an award giving body, careful planning is required on what trophy to give. Never settle for anything that cannot meet your standards. Remember that it will represent you as the giver or the company whom you work for. Take note too that choosing a trophy supplier entails effort and with that effort are some factors that may affect your choice of a trophy supplier.


crystal trophies and awards

Companies with good branding have a name to protect and for this, it is 99% that you can purchase a top-of-the-line award should you choose to buy one. These are the brands that are recognised and have been in the market for a long time. Trusted manufacturers subject their trophies through a thorough inspection to warrant a quality approval seal. It is sad to note that not all companies have this.


With the proliferation of businesses who venture in this trade, it is quite difficult to choose a supplier who can make quality products. Good quality is reflected in the value of materials used. Classifications are based on the grade of materials used to make the trophy. Top-of-the-line items are durable, resilient and lasting. Glass trophies, on the other hand, have differences in clarity which may affect its visual impact. Note that larger companies with control of the production process are more reliable.

Engraving skills

Get a supplier with trained engravers because the fineness and neatness of the prints add more value to the trophy. Each company has a distinctive style and use different methods and techniques which will mainly depend on the skill of their engravers. Find one that suits you. Make a review on their products. Ask if they can customise, if there are other engraving options or if other designs are available. To do this, you can search for their products on the web or ask some previous clients. You may also visit their company. Remember that a personalised trophy has a unique touch.

Transporting methods

When contacting a manufacturer, it is wise to ask how their product will be delivered. Take note of the courier, the shipping cost and method especially if time is a critical factor. Visit past clients to inquire about the manufacture’s reliability in delivering their product within a time frame. Some establishments do have their own delivery system wherein items are handed to you personally by their own staff. But of course, additional cost may be needed for this.

Total cost

Quality trophies are undeniably more expensive but if you want to get superior items, see to it that it goes with your allotted budget. If it is to be shipped, include the shipping fee and other charges. If it is your plan to purchase several items, look for a supplier who is willing to give discounts whilst maintaining the quality of the items. If it is reasonable enough, then there is no reason for you not to have this trophy. You may not want to splurge nor to cut costs but see to it that the award to be handed does not insult the recipient. Have in mind that a trophy is a symbol of appreciation for a job well done and it represents how you value the person. It should be something that you are proud to give.

If you want to make sure you get quality trophies from reputable trophy suppliers, try our wide range of products. You will definitely have a wide array of choices for crystal trophies and awards.

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