Have You Ever Wondered Why Trophies Still Mean A Lot More Than Facebook Likes Today?

It is rather impressive to find people holding on to their high school trophies at a time when most of the world is living on Instagram and Facebook among other social networking sites. At a time when people are judged based on the number of likes that they can get on a status or a photo, it is really hard to understand the significance of something like a trophy won during a sporting event. It however is really important for people to fully appreciate the real significance of having a trophy to commemorate your achievements. Here is why a trophy would mean way more that any number of Facebook likes.

You can actually touch the trophy

Some people may argue that those likes on social media are just as real as the trophy. However, the trophy is a tangible representation of your achievement on the field. This means that you can actually touch the outcome of your hard work. It is thus not only more fulfilling, but also much more practical. You will need to remember that moment when you hold the trophy and pass it around so that your team mates can also enjoy the victory. The tangibility of the trophy here enables you to make even more impressive memories of your victory as you hug the trophy, take pictures and even run around with it.

Someone actually put in some work to get you that trophy


Well, a Facebook like is much too easy. All one has to do is click a button. And while these likes signify appreciation and may thus provide validation for your achievements, a trophy implies that someone actually went out of their way to find a befitting trophy and even have your name engraved on it. This effort towards recognizing your work and rewarding your efforts should mean a lot more than any number of Facebook likes can.

A trophy will earn you recognition for a very long time

A Facebook like will only excite you for a few hours or days before some more interesting stories come up and take away all the attention. If you have a trophy on the other hand, people will keep asking you what the trophy is for years after that victory. Trophies attract genuine curiosity and fascination, especially since people associate them with excellence. They get instantly interested in what you did to get that trophy, thus giving you a chance to enjoy your victory and even talk about it for years to come.

Trophies can help you pass the legacy on

People are not usually able to pass on their Facebook likes to their children. The trophies are, however a legacy that you can pass on to your children, and they to their children after them. This means that all the generations of your family will be able to recognize and appreciate your hard work. A wall full of trophies is really a great way to challenge your young ones to also do their best at whatever they commit themselves to. They will not only be proud of you, but also you will have inspired them to put their best foot forward at all times.

Social media attention may be good for your self-esteem, but a trophy will be way better for you both in the long and short term. So when you have the opportunity to be rewarded trophies and awards for sports achievements, or for academics and leadership, you should consider doing your best and winning as much as you can. These trophies and awards are a lifetime of memories that you should cherish and you can pass them on to your children or even grandchildren!

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