Customization on Recognition Awards

When you want to reward someone for showing skill or honor, a custom award is the way to go. Custom awards are able to fit within any budget range, and get as complex as you need. And best yet, the technology behind creating awards has improved to make the process less expensive. Glass awards remain to be the most popular when you need a creative design for next to nothing in cost. Glass is easy to manipulate when being molded- to the point where you could have just about any award shape you could dream of! The level of accuracy is also surprising; you can have silhouettes of animals, states, or other common shapes and objects. The base, if included at all, is seldom the focal point of one’s creativity- but don’t shun it away! The base can be engraved and styled to your liking just like every other major part of the award. Two basic options present themselves if you are going for the base: contrasting the color with the award, or making it Contrasting the award is generally seen as more appealing, but doesn’t have to be the case. Just like the shape of the award, the etching can be limited only by your creativity- only to a greater extent! The etching can be pixel-perfect for any design you choose. Intricate shapes, portraits, and designs can all be created through a special process of manufacturing the glass. The end result can look quite stunning with the right schematics and idea sets ready for execution! Glass awards are, on average, less expensive than metal awards that are customized in the same way. The etching process is easier for glass awards, while metal based awards have to go through an engraving process. At the same time, metal awards are the better choice for when you need a detailed shape or color in your award. From a valiant eagle to a multi-toned business logo, metal awards open up a whole new door to your options. Machines can do a lot of the work these days, so don’t feel like you are trapped in the ideas you can supply your custom awards supplier. The best idea would be to talk to your selected dealer about what they have done in the past, to see if you too can get an idea of what they can do and at what prices. Then you can start formulating what would work best for your budget, and the event planned to give the award. Purchasing a custom award is the first step in showing someone that they have done well- and to encourage them and others to do the same through hard work. Start scheduling regular ceremonies to recognize those who do well, and to improve their general outlook.

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