glass trophies- Recognition Awards for Your Employees

Glass trophies are a common site at the award functions in the corporate world. Glass awards are mostly preferred due to the brilliance they have. The brilliance of these glass trophies represents the achievements reached in the career of the employee. The glass trophies come in all shapes and sizes and are given out for all types of occasions. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes. There is no greater feeling than being recognized for hard work. Glass trophies are a great way to show that appreciation.

crystal trophies– An Alternative Choice

To most people’s surprise, crystal trophies contain a good deal of lead. The crystal contain at least a minimum of 24% lead. Normal glass generally contains hardly 3-4% lead. The crystals are much stronger than normal glass and have equal brilliance compared to regular glass. Hence crystal awards are much more preferred than simple glass trophies. Different colors of both crystal and glass awards are available in the marketplace. These colors come through the variations in the content of the lead. You can get several color concepts in the crystal such as jade crystal, which is a shade of green. There are other colors available as well.

Glass Awards– Shapes and Sizes

The glass awards come in certain specific designs. These designs represent the achievements of the receivers of the awards. Many times globes and glass paperweights are given during smaller awards presentations. Sometimes colored glass awards are preferred for more creative achievements. There is no real rule of thumb that dictates which shape is best for which occasion. Common sense is simply needed what choosing the best design for the recipient. Engraved glass awards are great to give to employees who want to see their name preserved forever. Many sporting events give out glass awards that are shaped like the ball they use in their sport.

How to order glass trophies online?

To order glass awards and trophies online simply visit any of the industry leading websites that specialize in designing and etching glass trophies. They can be completely customized according to the occasion and recipient. All these choices can easily be selected on the website and files can be emailed to make sure logos and names are spelled correctly.

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