Holiday Gifts Boost Morale, Productivity

Holiday gifts at
Companies cutting holiday gifts this year may want to think twice. Tokens of an organization’s appreciation, even small ones, can have a big impact on employee morale and productivity.

According to the findings, 75 percent of employees surveyed said receiving holiday gifts from their employers improved their morale, while 60 percent said it made them like their companies more. Thirty-four percent said it improved their productivity.

The results, drawn from the responses of 215 office workers at companies of varying sizes and industries, point to the broader role that holiday gifts play in improving the culture of an organization.

Indeed, the survey finds that food and beverage was the top gift category for respondents, with 70 percent saying incentives like cookie baskets, cheese samplers, and other food items were their top choices. This is followed by electronics, with items like headphones, speakers, and MP3 players offering employees gifts with high-perceived value and available at a range of price points.

Rounding out the top three gift categories is apparel, cited by 20 percent of respondents who viewed hats, t-shirts, and other accessories as gifts they appreciated and remembered. Wells believes that personalizing the gifts with company logos can enhance their long-term impact on employee morale.

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