Crystal trophies will be more valued

Trophies are made from a wide selection of materials these days. From metals to plastic, there is nothing that an award cannot be made from. When you are going to make trophies to give at your company, think about what material you will want to use. Plastic trophies look and feel cheap. They are forgotten most of the time and are not considered valuable. Trophies that are made from metal feel more expensive, but they are prone to rust.

Unless you plan to be using gold the trophy will start to change color in a few months. The cost of making the trophy is not something that is cheap as well. Glass is a good material to use since it will not change color. They are a little weak and will chip or break if proper care is not taken. Crystal is something that has the properties of glass and metal which I like. Crystal looks and feels like glass, it has a nice expensive look and in the right lighting it looks like an ice sculpture.

Crystal is also stronger then glass, it is not prone to chip and unless they are dropped from a very high place, they will not break. In the event it does break, it shatters and leaves pieces that are not as sharp or dangerous as glass.

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