Crystal trophies hold more meaning

Comparing the difference in the materials that trophies are made from, you can tell the difference in meanings. The reason I am saying this is because we hold different materials to different values. If a trophy is made from plastic no matter how hard it is to achieve, the trophy is often forgotten and left in a place that is not seen. We view them as cheap things and they are not something to be proud of, regardless of the effort that was spent getting it.

Trophies that are made from metals also hold different meanings. That is one of the main reasons why gold, silver and bronze hold different places in our minds. It doesn’t matter if they are the same design. The difference in what metal was used will give a different sense of pride. If you want to give out trophies, think about using crystal as a material. They look and feel very expensive.

When you engrave the name of the person receiving the trophy, it will become a center piece in their homes as well. In the sad event that it falls and shatters crystal pieces are not as sharp as glass. This makes them a little safer in case you have children running around in the house.

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