Crystal trophies will be taken care of

There are a number of reasons one can receive a trophy. From being the best to just a simple show of appreciation, the reasons for receiving a trophy are too many to list. One thing that has caught my attention over the years, is the care I give for different trophies. I have a wide collection of trophies that are made from different materials. Metals, plastic, glass and crystals seem to be what everyone chooses to make these trophies from.

Metals trophies have a nice weight to them, but after a few months they start to rust. I must admit that once that happens they are often forgotten. Plastic trophies are cheap and have no real meaning to me. When I receive a trophy made from plastic, I won’t think twice about leaving them in the attic. Trophies made of glass fare better in my view. I tend to place them in places, where my guest can see them when they enter my house.

Among all of them crystal is the one that I really like the best. They look and feel very expensive. This gives me the feeling that the person sending it appreciates me. When I use a spotlight to shine on them, the reflections make all of them look like ice sculptures that I enjoy looking at.

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