Cleaning Your Glass or Crystal Awards and Trophies

An award or trophy looks at its best when it has been well maintained. The most effective way to maintain a glass or crystal award is to clean it regularly. Observing a frequent cleaning schedule will ensure that your awards and trophies are always gleaming and remain a source of pride and inspiration.

The first step in the cleaning process is to lightly dust the award with a soft dry cloth. This will remove any latent dirt before applying the cleaning agent. If possible, use a can of compressed air to blow of any extra dust that may have gotten into any nook or cranny.

You will find people recommending white vinegar as a cleaning agent. Vinegar in itself is too acidic and can corrode the surface. In order to neutralize some of the acidity, the vinegar will need to be dilute with water. However, if the solution is too diluted, then it is worthless as a cleaning product. The safest bet is to use a commercial glass cleaner; the same cleaner that you use for your glass windows can be used to clean crustal and glass awards.

Do not apply the cleaner directly on the glass surface; spray it onto a soft cloth and then use the cloth to wipe the award or trophy. Make sure you do not put the award in direct sunlight right after cleaning, as it may cause streaking on the glass surface. If the award has any wooden or metal components, clean them separately with a different cloths and apply appropriate polish.

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