What is the best Artwork for etching

Crystal awards and recognition awards are great ways to express your appreciation for a job well done. Having a custom award designed for those who have gone beyond the average call of duty can be the perfect way to increase morale, boost teamwork and show your gratitude and respect. In order to get the highest-quality crystal awards and other recognition awards in the shortest time frame and at the best price, it’s important to submit your artwork in the correct format.

Black and white vector artwork is always the preferred choice for designers when working to create your custom crystal awards and recognition awards. While other formats may be acceptable, only black and white vector artwork offers the designer complete flexibility and freedom to perfect your chosen design. Vector graphics make use of mathematical formulas and geometrical shapes in order to make the image scalable and accurate. By using the vector points, the designer can re-size the image and vary the resolution without losing the original shape and quality.

Think of a piece of wood with several small nails in it. If you stretch rubber bands across the nails in a design, the nails are the vector points. By simply moving a nail, with the rubber band still around it, the design changes. A black and white vector file shows your image with visible lines throughout the image or logo. These lines allow the designer to move particular points in the design, manipulating the design into the perfect shape and size for your crystal awards and recognition awards.

When you save a design or a logo in the vector format, the file extension will read .eps or .ai. The image will also show several lines around it when you click on it. It is important to realize the importance of using the correct file format when you submit an image for use in a design on recognition awards and crystal awards. In order for the designer to create the clean, clear image you want for your top quality award, they need to have the best starting point, which is in a vector file. The image is usually most workable when it is also black and white. In fact, if you submit a color file, it may significantly delay your order or cost additional fees.

You want your crystal awards and recognition awards to reflect the extraordinary effort put forth by the recipients. By making sure you submit your artwork to the design company in a black and white vector format (file extension .eps or .ai) you are doing your part to be certain they do and that you will receive your order as quickly as possible.

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