Provide Extra Motivation to Exceed Company Goals with Corporate Awards and Custom Trophies

Employees and associates usually enjoy working toward a specific goal, especially when that goal is a ceremony, complete with corporate awards and custom trophies.  It provides a sense of challenge, anticipation, and excitement that spurs them on.

Employers can take the thrill of winning corporate awards and custom trophies a bit further, by utilizing the different sizes and shapes in which they are available. This can be especially effective when the goal is to exceed previous efforts.

In order to keep the motivation going and supply extra motivation, employers can start small, both with corporate awards and custom trophies sizes and what is needed to earn them. For instance, at the end of a week, if employees have surpassed a previous goal by a certain figure—say, 10%, small corporate awards and custom trophies can be awarded to each person.

As employees continue to work towards exceeding company goals by a larger figure; for instance, 50% to 100%, the award sizes can increase exponentially with the target numbers. To further motivate employees, an employer can even choose a time midway through the effort to have a smaller presentation event. At that time, mid-size corporate awards and custom trophies can be presented to those who have demonstrated exceptional motivation.

When the previous numbers have been exceeded, that is the time to pull out all the stops. The presentation event can be bigger, and the corporate awards and custom trophies can reflect the progress that was made during the time.

This final event can recap the accomplishments that occurred along the way. Employees can be encouraged to bring any awards they have already received. These can be displayed alongside the final awards, or placed in such a way that the project’s progress can be tracked. By encouraging everyone to bring any award that has been given during that time, each person will be reminded of his contribution to the project-that of exceeding company goals.

This will also be the time when the largest corporate awards and custom trophies can be given, with all pertinent information engraved on the trophies. Further, any corporate awards and custom trophies that were or will be given by others, such as the board of directors, CEOs, or those in the home office, can be awarded at this time.

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