What is Artwork Approval?

The process of art submission and approval is a relatively simple, yet extremely important part of the creation of an order for crystal awards, trophies and plaques. The engraving of individual names, logos, quotes and graphics is what will set your award apart from others and instill a sense of ownership and accomplishment in your recipient.  Making sure the art is correct, unique and totally attuned to the lucky individuals receiving the crystal awards, trophies and plaques is the reason and goal behind the all the steps in the art process.

It all begins with your artwork including your thoughts and vision regarding the awards that have been chosen and the information you would like etched. It is important to share these ideas so that your award designer can work with you to visualize your design. You can do this through email, images you have sketched, photos of past awards or even a simple telephone call with a description.

After getting an idea of what you are looking for, the art department would then boil these ideas down into a form that will translate beautifully into a crystal or glass etching, preserving your ideas and incorporating their design experience.  After the artist has created an image they feel will suit your needs and delight the recipients– they will email you a digital file. This is referred to as a “proof”.  With every piece ordered, you will receive a black and white image of your award for your final approval. This is by no means a finalized version. During this stage, you are encouraged to suggest any changes or adjustments that you would like. This part of the process is often completed in one step.

Once the artwork for your glass plaques, trophies and awards looks great to you, you come to the most critical part of the process: your final approval. Nothing should ever be etched until you have given this final go-ahead. The manufacturer depends on this to make sure the art is correct and ready for production  After final approval has been received your artwork would be sent over to the production department to be sand etched and your glass plaques, trophies and awards will be guaranteed 100% perfect every time.

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