About Awards and Trophies

Trophies are a wonderful way to recognize achievement in numerous forms.  Everyone gets a boost of confidence and pride when they find themselves receiving a reward for their accomplishments, whether they are athletic, academic or corporate, there are trophies and awards appropriate for all arenas.

In the business world awards can be used to distinguish an exemplary employee and show gratitude for their excellent service to the company.  Crystal awards and plaques can be used to send off an established employee into retirement and thank them for their devotion over the years.  These same awards can also be used as incentive to help employees strive for higher job performance, in sales, customer service or teamwork.

Awards and trophies can also be used in the classroom to reward students young and old for their academic strengths and triumphs.  Children can be motivated to succeed in school and feel pride in the subjects they excel in upon receiving trophies, ribbons, or medals highlighting their excellence in the classroom.

On the sports field trophies and awards can serve multiple purposes.  Participation trophies can teach children the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship, and the value of each individual player as a working component in the team’s success.  They can help make every player feel valued in their own special way.  MVP and most improved trophies can be used to bring to light each player’s unique abilities and achievements on the team.  It is common to see to trophies, medals and plaques given to the winning team of important championships and tournaments, but they can also be given at the end of the season to remember a winning year, a supportive and beloved coach, or to recognize the team’s sponsors and important fans.

Trophies and awards can help inspire teamwork, endurance, and effort for future endeavors, and show appreciation for a job well done.  They not only reward recipients, but serve as a physical memento of a special moment to be treasured.  They represent a moment of pride, victory and triumph.  Looking at a trophy, the receiver can be reminded of the prowess they showcased on the sports field, the appreciation of their team, the championship they worked hard to win, or their expertise in the workplace.  There is no limit to the moments that can be commemorated with a trophy award or plaque.  Looking at an award will always evoke a surge of pride for the person who receives it.

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