Top Tips For Having A Staff Recognition Program In The Office

Most office environments nowadays have some sort of recognition program for its employees. Recognition programs are believed to improve productivity within the company. Also, recognition programs highlight those employees who truly deserve not only recognition but material rewards as well. If you do not have a recognition program in your office yet, it is important for you to have one as soon as possible.


Have clearly defined goals

There are a lot of employers out there who are afraid to have their own recognition programs. This might be because they simply do not know how to create a good recognition program. Or probably, they have had such programs in the past but they have had bad experiences with these. And there are even some who do not believe that recognition programs are beneficial at all. Well, in order to make such a program work, it is important for you to have clearly defined goals. Why are you planning to recognize your employees? Make sure you are well aware of the actions, behaviors, as well as accomplishments that you would want to highlight.

Make your employees involved

One of the reasons why some recognition programs fail is that employees are not involved in the designing aspect. And with employees helping you create a good program, you do not have to worry about costs at all. Most employees would definitely be willing to lend their skills and their knowledge in devising a good recognition program in their office. In fact, it is them who would be at the receiving end. Employees have the tendency to be more encouraged if they are to be recognized and rewarded based on standards that they themselves have set.

Make the criteria clear

It is important to make the recognition criteria clear. Random recognitions are not really that effective. Specify the reasons why employees are being awarded. For example, instead of rewarding an employee for simply being productive, recognize the project that he finished which qualified him for such an award. Other employees must specifically know why their co-workers are being rewarded so that they would know what they should be doing should they wish to get the same awards or recognition.

Be consistent with your program

Once you have set up a good recognition program, it is important for you to be consistent with it. For instance, employee A has been rewarded for securing a very important deal. But things got a little bit busy in the company lately and that is why you decided to postpone the program. It turns out that employee B was able to secure a deal as important as that of employee A. But since the recognition was not consistent, employee B was not recognized. If other employees become aware that there is a possibility for them not to be recognized for something they deserved, they would definitely be discouraged.

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