Top School Activities That Should Have Award Ceremonies In Place

As a school administrator, you must be in a position to steer the children in your care in the right direction. The decisions you make for their lives today will play a big role in inspiring tomorrow. It is equally important to ensure that the children in your school are all rounded. This means exposing them to activities that are not class related like sports. Every child has to be motivated to be more than just a student. To help you do this, you need to honor them.

Award ceremonies in school

Awarding children can have several positive effects over their lives. It has been proved to be a source of motivation for young people. Trophies are also a way to raise children’s self-esteem and encourage their personal development. Award ceremonies in school can be held for:

1. Sporting activities


All work and no play makes student dull. Schoolchildren should be motivated to participate in sports. It is the best way to keep them healthy and rejuvenated. Whether it is in track events, football sports or gym activities, you need to be able to motivate your students by giving them trophies for good performance in sports championships. There are different trophies you can use to do so the prestigious empire bounty trophy from Crystal Plus that is ideal for boosting team spirit.

2. Performance reports

In school, performance is paramount. It is important to award children for doing well or improving in class every time. This motivates others to do the same. In addition, it encourages those performing well to defend their titles. Awarding students of their outstanding class work performance is a sure way of reminding students you recognize what they are doing and appreciate their effort. You can even award an entire class for their performance with an exceptional trophy like the champion trophy cup.

3. Teacher appreciation

If you want to keep your students happy, it is necessary to award the schools teachers as well. With Crystal Plus’s genuine walnut step edge wood plaque, you can give your teachers an award that they can have on their desks. This will motivate the teachers and show others just how good they are at their job.

4. Competition challenges

For students who would be willing to take part in challenges such as quizzes or science exhibitions, you should award them accordingly. Winners of inter-school championships should also be rewarded with trophies that speak volumes about the magnitude of the challenge like the lux championship bowl from Crystal Plus. The trophy can be passed on to the winning school annually depending on which school participates and wins the championship.

5. Co-curriculum activities

Another important factor to consider is to award students for participating in co-curriculum activities. This includes performing in activities like drama, glee clubs, school publications and other relevant fields. Awarding students for being exceptional members of these clubs is a sure way of stirring others interest to join as well. With the famous blue star goddess award, Crystal Plus now allows you to honor these vibrant students!

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