Our Best Recommendations For Corporate Gifts This August

August is here and gifts are in order for this great season! In the corporate world, exchanging gifts is a sign of maintaining good relations among people. However, the gifts you select will speak volumes about you and your corporation.

It is very important to choose a gift that will go a long way in portraying a good image of both you and the organization you represent. Whether it is within the company or to people in your common social circle, we at Crystal Plus have what you need.

Why go with Crystal Plus?

When it comes to corporate gifts, we have mastered the art of creating classy and stylish gifts. Our crystal gifts have led us to become one of the biggest supplies in the world of personalized presents. Some of our gifts include items such as vases, clocks, photo frames, shaped glassware and other crystal ware pieces. Each is unique and exquisite since we believe in giving our clients only the best. This August month, some of the great corporate gifts we recommend include:

1. Whiskey Cup

From one managing director to another, the 10oz Diamox masquerade whiskey cups could be the perfect gift this season. It can be purchased in a six-piece set of uniquely designed glasses, which are perfect addition to your office. These cups are highly recommended since you can have them custom made for their intended owners. Messages on the cups come from our set of artwork or your creative ideas.

2. Gem Treasure Keychain

For a much more personalized gift, you can get a key chain. It is an affordable gift that sells for only $19. Depending on your order, you can get several key chains of the same nature with the exact same design engraved for you. Each keychain is strong and light weighing about 0.2lbs. It can also be customized to suit your specification when you buy it. On this gift, you can engrave anything from ‘I love you’ to ‘happy birthday’.

3. Cocktail Cups


Considerably one of the most exquisite gifts is the 10 oz cocktail glass. For that one person who is always hosting guest, the stylish glass with a classy design will make a superb gift as a house-warming present. They can be personalized with special artwork and messages on them. One of the things you can be sure of is that this $ 19 gift will be one of those memorable items that are kept for years.

4. Ornament gift packs

For a throw away price of just $22, you can now get one of our best gift packs. The star ornament and shot glass gift come together in one gift pack. They are made of strong molten glass and make great seasonal gifts. They are also dishwasher safe with absolutely no lead content.

5. Optical Crystal Straight Cube

Nothing says ‘thank you’ like our $59 paperweight cube. It is an optical cube with several benefits since it can hold text such as names, long messages or even a logo. This gift not only spells out elegance but also holds a high level of versatility because of its design.
Start shopping today, folks!

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