The Perfect Material for Awards and Trophies

Different materials used for making trophies and awards have their own pros and cons. The most predominantly used materials for making plaques and trophies are metal, crystal or regular glass, and wood. Every material lends something unique to the trophy.

The budget is often the deciding factor in determining which material to choose. Trophies made from metal and wood are usually more expensive than those made using crystal or regular glass. In spite of being the cheapest option, crystal and glass trophies come in a wide variety to choose from, unmatched by their metal or wooden counterparts. For those seeking custom trophies and plaques, pieces made from crystal are ideal due to their low cost and superior quality.

A critical component for creating any award is the engraving that goes onto it. The engravings in wood or metal fade over time, despite all measure taken. In contrast, the writing is not engraved but etched onto the surface of crystals and glass; anything etched does not fade in the same manner as something engraved. If maintenance of the trophies is to be considered, crystal and glass turn out to be the hands down winners.

Awards made using poor quality metals are prone to rusting, while those made out of wood are vulnerable to termites. Unlike wood or metal, crystal does not have to be regularly polished; a simple dusting routine will ensure that crystal awards always look magnificent.

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