Choosing the Right Material for a Trophy

An award or trophy looks only as magnificent as the material that it is made of. When looking to purchase a trophy or plaque, you will find that the three most commonly used materials are wood, metal and glass (regular or crystal). Every material has its own pros and cons.

The most important thing during any purchase is the budget. Wood and metal trophies tend to be more expensive than their crystal counterparts. Also, despite being cheaper, it is not uncommon to see a wider range of choices in glass and crystal, than in metal or wood. Custom pieces are also less expensive for glass trophies.

Any trophy or award is bound to have some writing engraved on it. In metal and wood, the engravings tend to fade over time. However, in glass and crystal, the writing is etched on more permanently and never fades. The maintenance required is another important factor as well. Metal and wood trophies need to be cleaned and polished regularly, whereas a simple dusting will suffice for a crystal award. Wooden plaques are also susceptible to termites, while a metal trophy composed of inferior materials will rust over time. In contrast, glass or crystal is immune to any kind of deterioration.

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