Sports Trophies for Kids

Involvement in sports is an integral part of child development and teaches them to lead active, healthy lives while developing many of the fundamentals skills necessary for a child to succeed. Sports in the early age of child significantly enhance the quality of a child’s life and help in contribution to a child’s integration into his/her community surroundings. With the help of sports, kids find the opportunity to meet the new people and develop a sense of self-belonging and confidence through social cohesion. Participation in sport improves the development of peer relationships, establishes the motion of trust and builds teamwork skills. Sports challenge children to excel physically and mentally, and teach valuable skills such as leadership, hard work and perseverance which translate beyond the playing field to all aspects of life, whether it be in the classroom, at work, or in community. Several reports have also shown that the participation of kids in sports help in developing their self-esteem and self-confidence. Moreover, it shows the positive effects on the physical as well as mental health. It helps in triggering the release of endorphins in the brain, chemicals that boosts mood and helps in relieving the depression and anxiety.

Now seeing the prime importance of sports in kids’ life, next question comes if sports trophies should be given to kids or not? And if so, then should they be given to everyone or just the winners? The second question itself has raised several eyeballs and debates in the community delivering their respecting points and facts. But before going to the latter point, we should first discuss the first question. And it is pretty much clear that trophies should be given to the kids. Trophies are the symbol of encouragement and praise which help in boosting one’s morale and fill someone with the enthusiasm and dedication to further excel and come out with flying colours. This encouragement can surely help the kids in shaping their interest and the future as well. If given a proper encouragement and support in the events or field they are really good at, then this little support can lay down a solid infrastructure for their future aspirations and endeavours. It is not compulsory that every kid is good at academics and sports. Cases can be where a kid is more inclined to sports than the academics. Although academics are important but sports can also turn out as a really good career option for them in future. You never know if given proper support and encouragement, a kid can really come out as the biggest sportsperson of the country in future gaining worldwide fame and glory to his/her nation. Trophies and awards can definitely work as a sign of encouragement, support and a push factor for them to continue in this field. Moreover, for kids the material used in the trophies is not of the importance, only trophy is self-suffice to boost and ignite them. And if you want, then there are several creative and customized trophies available in the market, which not only are the symbol of appreciation but kids also love and gets fascinated by them.


Now, several debates go on the topic whether all kids should be given trophies or only the winners should be entitled to these trophies. Supporters of giving trophies to every participants claim that the sports trophies are to encourage kids to continue their interest and not give up in the middle due to the fact that they do not get trophies and awards, thus imbibing an inferior complex about themselves thinking they are no good to be in this field. Also, even if the team or individual does not win but one has put in all his/her efforts and hard work into the events, so one should definitely be recognized and appreciated for this. Moreover, till they are in high schools, they should be given trophies in any form like ribbons, capes or other creative ideas because at that age they are not mature enough to handle that kind of stress and discrimination because all of them put their efforts and skills are enhanced over the time with experience and training only. So, this discrimination at an early can result in losing interest of someone who could have been the greatest player of all-time.

On the contrary, some set of people totally disagree to this fact claiming that this will result in carelessness and non-competitive spirit in kids from an early age itself thinking whether they work hard or not, they will end up getting the recognition and appreciation in form of trophy. Moreover, the traits of self-improvement and learning from the past events will be diminished and this habit of getting awarded for no matter what can result in serious problems in their future life and the competitive world. This makes them not to work hard on their weak sections and run away from the harsh and bitter truth of their life.

Seeing the above points put forward by two communities, there is no doubt that awarding everyone can result in making kids taking everything for granted but the point to be consider is that kids are pure at their heart and whatever they learn and experience in this age, those things shape their future and have a great impact on their coming life. And the negative words like loser, failure, incapable and others like that can result in severe adverse effects in their life. And whatever be the result, every kid put his/her best effort in the event and it is the matter of the day or time that sometime one wins and other time another kid. So, instead of depriving a kid from the appreciation for his/her effort, one mid-way which can be adopted is that everyone should be appreciated and encouraged in any form of trophy like winners can be given bigger trophies and the other participants can be encouraged with the smaller ones or customized other form of trophies which fuels them to do much better next time to achieve that bigger one and also by this way, they will not get disappointed on not getting anything despite their tremendous efforts and hard-work.

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