How To Reward Your Loyal Employees

Loyalty is one virtue that a lot of people do not possess. And in the corporate world, it can be quite easy to change allegiances from one company to another. It is for this reason that all loyal employees need to be commended as well as rewarded. Do you have some employees that have been so loyal to the company for the past several years? Here are some tips on how you can reward them.

Commend them in public


One of the simplest ways to reward very loyal employees is to commend them in public. For an employee to hear his boss commend his loyalty in front of everybody can be a very great thing. It cannot only be encouraging but motivating as well. As you are giving speeches during special occasions, it would not hurt if you can mention the names of the loyal workers who have been doing their best for the company. Also, you might want to consider putting up a wall of fame that is reserved for the photos of employees that definitely have to be recognized as well as looked-up to, literally.

Raise their wages

Also another great way to reward very loyal employees is to raise their wages. Something like that would definitely be appreciated. A raise in the wage of loyal employees would encourage other workers to stay loyal to the company as much as possible. Also, the reward grantees would feel that their loyalty is paying off and they would even try their best to stay more loyal in the years to come. Surely people who have given a lot, if not all of their time, for the company deserve to have a few more bucks to spend with.

Give them cash incentives

Cash incentives are also a great alternative if you think that wage raises are a bit too much. It would be nice if your well-deserving employees who have been loyal to the company all those years could treat themselves with the cash incentives that you give to them. With those one-time ‘gifts,’ your employees would be able to buy new garments, treat their family members to dinner, or even add cash to their savings account. Cash incentives are perfect to give especially during anniversaries or special corporate events.

Throw a party for them

If there are so many workers in your company who have been loyal in the past several years, it would be nice to throw a party for them. This party should be big, grand, and well-planned. Assign a committee for such a party. Delegate the planning to your workers. Make sure that in that party, the loyal workers would be recognized as well as awarded. There can even be slideshows featuring those workers. Parties are also excellent events for those who are retiring very soon.

Purchase personalized plaques

It would also be nice to reward non-monetary awards to your loyal employees. Surely their services to the company should be things that are inscribed on something. Plaques, trophies, and crystal medals – these are just examples of non-monetary awards that can bear the name of your loyal employees as well as the years of service they have given for the company. These are awards that they can display on their desks and even in their homes.

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