4 Award Ideas To Use In A Company Sports Fest

Having a sports fest is one of the best actions that boost company camaraderie. Companies need to have team-building activities every once in a while not only to develop oneness among workers but also to help them get rid of all the stress that they are suffering from. There are companies that have an annual sports fest – usually held in the summer, and there are those companies that have sports fests more than once in a year. If you are planning to have a sports fest for your company, one of the most important things for you to plan carefully is the award system. Here are some awards that you can consider giving at the awarding ceremony of the sports fest.

Awards for specific sports


The bigger your company is, the more sports you should be having for everyone to compete in. Have as much sports as you like. The important thing is that there is a trophy awaiting the team that won a specific sport. Have separate awards for sports like basketball, volleyball, bowling, and the likes. You can even have awards like best cheer award, best sports uniform award, or even best team banner award.

Awards for valuable players

It would definitely be a good idea for you to have awards for very valuable players. Valuable players are those employees who have really exerted a lot of their energy and talent for the benefit of their teams. Of course, valuable players would most likely come from the winning teams. Having awards or trophies for valuable players can definitely help motivate your workers to enjoy and give their all for the sports fest. Awards for valuable players can include trophies, cash incentives, or even gift certificates.

Award for the best team

To promote team camaraderie, you might want to consider having an award for the best team. Now, in order to avoid issues on favoritism, the criteria for judging the best team should be clearly set. Some examples of qualifications for being the best team include teamwork, punctuality, uniformity, and the likes. As mentioned earlier, events such as company sports fest seek to unite and solidify co-employees, and having an award or a trophy for best team is a good form of motivation.

Overall championship award

Of course, in every sports fest, there must be an overall champion. The overall champion should be the team that wins most of the sports and events held throughout the sports fest. This is the award that all teams should be seeking to get and that is why it should be the biggest and most beautiful of all the awards and trophies. If you want, you can consider offering monetary incentives to team members who wins the overall championship award.

These are just some ideas that can help you plan a good rewarding system for your company sports fest. Always remember that events such as these are to build unity and not breed hate among your co-employees. So try your best to make your company sports fest as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

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