Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Most fathers have lowered their expectations after years of receiving ties; or cufflinks if they’re really lucky. Surprise your dad with one the following non-traditional gifts that he will be sure to appreciate:

– Adventure Activities: When a man becomes a father, he often has to make a lot of sacrifices. His interest in adventurous activities is usually one of the first things to disappear, as he puts his family before him. Let your dad know that it is alright for him to be adventurous again, with a day-of-adventure gift certificate. Whether it is skydiving, bungee-jumping, or rock climbing, you’ll always be able to find something that will capture your dad’s interest.

– Golfing Lessons: If your father enjoys golf, chances are he has always wanted to take a few golfing lessons so that he can show his golf partners a thing or two. The only thing keeping him away from the lessons is what his friends would think if they found out. Gift your dad golfing lessons; that way he can claim to be taking them just so that you don’t feel bad about your gift going to waste. That way, he gets what he wants and saves face.

– Crystal Trophy: Instead of the customary coffee mug or t-shirt that proclaims him to be the world’s greatest dad, gift your father a crystal trophy with your message etched onto it. It won’t be hidden away in a cabinet or closet, but proudly displayed on the mantelpiece.

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