Employee Recognition Award Ideas

Motivation is the great driving force behind achieving excellent results from employees. And there is no greater motivation for an employee than receiving recognition for the all the work they do. Here are a few ideas for awards that will make for a happy employee, without disrupting the budget:

Crystal Trophy: A trophy is the ultimate symbol of recognition and a deserved award. A crystal trophy looks great and can be proudly displayed by the employee on their mantelpiece. The crystal award doesn’t have to be only ornamental, it can be functional as well (embedded clock or photo frame). A number of online retailers provide custom crystal trophies for award purposes and usually have something to suit every budget.

– Gift Certificates: Many workplaces have been experimenting, successfully, with the concept of letting employees choose from a wide range of gift cards. Companies can usually open a corporate account with gift certificate corporations; this will allow the company to buy various gift cards in bulk at heavily discounted prices. Even the employee will enjoy the freedom to choose according to their own preference; the last thing you want to do is give a white water rafting gift certificate to someone looking forward to a relaxing day at the spa.

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