Did You Know That There Are Several Types Of Crystal Awards And Trophies To Opt For?


Those who look forward to getting trophies and awards often think of crystal and glass to be one and the same. Technically, glass materials such as trophies, plaques and other award forms are actually made of glass, lead crystal or optical crystal. Silica sand is used to make glass, figurines as well as other gift items. Below are some types of crystal awards:

Crystal clear glass

These are seen in several displays and awards or gift items. The glass that you see in this type of crystal award and trophy is of supreme quality and it can come as a true substitute of crystal. Some of these awards are manufactured with lead crystal. Some of the items that are manufactured with the lead crystal material include plaques and awards, glassware such as bowls, flutes and decanters among others.

Lead crystal

This contains higher amount of lead oxide which is softer compared to glass, thus making it easier to polish. For awards as well as other analogous displays, lead crystal can be etched on with some texts and images as one’s personal taste and requirements. However, one should practice caution when handling it because it can scratch especially when engraving.

Optical crystal

It is commonly used in optical instruments such as telescope lenses. It is characterized by high levels of clarity. Its sparkle makes it the most ideal material for crystal awards and trophies. Optical crystal is clearer than the lead crystal and is much harder too. It does not scratch easily and can be easily engraved when compared to glass.

Art glass

This belongs to a category of its own. It is not possible to see two trophies of this material at once. Usually, each piece is molded with the help of glass artist, bubbles and other elements that get easily trapped in this material. The product’s size, clarity, color and several other qualities are permanently unique. Below are some of the forms that crystal awards come in:

• Rectangular shaped crystal awards

They are the most commonly chosen kinds of gift items. They are easily placed in any sitting room setting as decorative pieces. If you want to etch a long some message on an award’s surface, then rectangular shaped crystal would be your best bet.

• Paperweights

This is yet another popular choice as they are three dimensional and come in different sizes and colors. You are likely to find something that has a personalized touch to it.

• Crystal vases and bowls

These are also popular and make functional crystal awards.

If you are planning to give crystal awards or trophies to business associates or employees, you ought to consider how it is going to represent your company. So, it pays to think about ways to customize the items such as their shape, engraving, style and color. And when choosing symbols for these awards, make sure that the symbol is relevant to your organization. At Crystalplus, we have all the skills to customize your crystal awards according to your needs. We also have a wide range of crystal awards in stock, meaning there is always something for everyone.

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