Walking Down The Memory Lane Of Trophies And Awards


Trophies and awards have always been an important part of any competition in any existing field. No matter what people might be competing for, there must be at least one big prize there to stimulate them. Either the winner takes it all or more awards are created so as to distinguish the best competitors according to their achievements. Marking outstanding victories -with awards and trophies has always been a well-known practice ever since ancient times.

The role of awards and trophies in ancient Greece

Ancient Greece is one of the first civilizations to have considered the important role of awards and trophies. Trophies were then made on the battlefield for honoring battles and the victories obtained by those engaging in these battles. The trophies were made out of captured arms and could be seen hanging on trees. It was also a ritual for them to hand such trophies on large stakes which were created so as to look like warriors. The great thing about this is that these trophies were usually inscribed with a story of the battle and thus the battles and their winners could become famous this way.

The meaning of awards and trophies for ancient Romans

In the case of Ancient Romans things are somehow different than in the case of Ancient Greeks. They liked to have everything close to their homes and not expose everything in public. The same happened in the case of trophies and awards as well. They preferred to keep them closer to their houses and have become famous for creating amazing models in Rome. They are the ones who have managed to create amazing columns and all sorts of great arches and great foundations which have remained famous in history. They are mostly known for their stone trophies.

Awards and trophies in the Middle Ages

As far as Middle Ages are concerned, sporting events were quite popular and they also were much into the idea of nominating winners in the case of these competitions. Winners were usually rewarded with chalices which have this way become associated with all sorts of spring events. In the past these chalices used to be made of silver. Such trophies were won mostly by those who engaged in horse races and won them as well as those who were popular competitors in early car races.

Modern cups for sports events

Numerous sports events now have famous cups to reward winners such as the Stanley Cup, the Davis Cup and other popular world cups which are highly valued by those who compete and put a lot of effort in winning these competitions and tournaments.

We can see how awards and trophies have evolved through the ages. Nowadays, most awards and trophies are less expensive than those silver ones used in the past. This way, these are also much more accessible to the consumers due to the type of material used for creating them. However, their function has not wavered over the years – they are still previous and valuable recognition tools to make the recipient feel appreciated and proud of their achievements.

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