Using Different Ways To Reward Students For Good Behavior

It is imperative to encourage students to behave in a positive manner and one of the ways is to recognize the changes by rewarding them. And both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards can work wonders even when it comes to motivating them for good performance. Material rewards are an easy way to cut corners and still remain perfect educators. Below are some of the ways you can give your students thumbs up when they do things right:

Lunch bunch

You can recognize a well behaved group of students by inviting them to lunch bunch with their teacher. They can bring their own lunches to eat it together with you in the classroom. You can even ask them to bring their favorite CDs so you can listen together during lunch. Also, let them play games once they are done with the food. And you too will enjoy this time because it is a unique one.

Longer recess


The best thing about this one is that it does not have to take in extra time from you. You can reward a student by letting them play outside until a later bell. For instance, after the third graders come back in, the fourth graders should get to play for a bout ten more minutes. So, you can reward your students by allowing them to stay out until say, the fourth grade bell. But make sure that you double check with the yard supervisor before doing this. You also don’t want to use this kind of reward all the time.

Special seats

You can reward the most improved or the well behaved kid by allowing them to work at the teacher’s desk for the whole day. Alternatively, you can set up a special seat and let the improved students have a chance to sit there. This is quite a thrill for the children and it is zero hassle for you.

Whole group rewards

Another rewarding option would be to let your students earn some points towards a whole class reward. This option is great especially for those students who need attention as they are going to earn positive attention from the entire class for their improvement in behavior. The student can earn a few marbles for the marble jar or a table point for their table group. The good thing about this kind of reward is that it makes difficult students to feel like they are a real part of the group and so, they will be able to perform well.

Afternoon music and art

Music and art are worthy academic subjects. However, it is a bit tricky to fit enough of them into the normal school day. You can motivate your student with this simple reward. The students should listen to music as they work the art project. You will love it and so will kids.

Hand stamp

Hand stamp is another great option for rewarding a well behaved student. Use simple ink stamps to let your students know that they are okay. You can stamp a sign of approval on the back of your student’s hand. However, you should note some parents may not appreciate ink on their children’s hand, so it is imperative to first clear with the parents if you are to use hand stamp.

Read in party

You may want to stay away from the popcorn parties and ask the kids to wear pajamas to school on that material day. Tell them to come with a pillow and their favorite stuffed animal. This should be the day for kids to celebrate the joys of reading. The students should get to lounge around the classroom reading, savoring the joy books and relaxing. And it is even better if you add other literary activities that send a clear message to the kids: Reading is fun!

The wall of fame

Another great way to recognize your students is to have a wall of fame that is located near the administration block. The board should be updated with student-of-the-week honorees in order to create a positive atmosphere in the school and the office area.

The use of trophies

Trophies have long been used as a way to recognize achievement and performance. These ones can be a great reward for the most improved or the well behaved students. You can choose a special day, and invite parents and other stakeholders to this big day where the chosen students will be given trophies for their good behavior and work. And trophies can be customized according to your preference, so it is not a problem getting something that fits in your budget. Just look for the best supplier and you will get value for your money.

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