Upcoming Trade Show — Get Your Plaques and Awards Ahead Of Time

A trade show is a great time to showcase your company as a whole, but who says that you can’t give out awards to your star employees?

This is a great chance to really showcase their talents in front of other people. Sometimes when it’s just other employees seeing us get things, it doesn’t have the same effect. However, when important people outside of the organization notice that recognition has been given, things begin to change dramatically. Employees feel much more confident, and they will leave the event feeling that people have truly noticed the value that they provide. They can also reference the event with pride in performance reviews, which is always a good thing.

The important thing to do here is to make sure that you schedule the order for plaques and even regular awards ahead of time. That gives you plenty of time to make sure that everything is ordered and accounted for. It would be unpleasant to get to the main event, and not be able to pass out any awards at all.

Overall, making employees feel awesome isn’t difficult — it just takes a little practice!

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