Types of Basketball Trophies for Your Star Team

Basketball is a physically demanding sport to play, and nowadays it seems to be a popular sport that children and adults of all ages are getting involved in. if you’re the coach of your own basketball team, you might be looking for awards to give to your start team for their big wins during the season.

There are several types of awards available to allow you to reward your team in style. One popular option is with bobbleheads. These funny little things give sense of humor while showing recognition to each player individually.

Most people think that trophies should be given to winning teams only and in fact, the complete opposite is true. So you lost your championship game. Who cares, right? Well, it’s not that easy to say, but there are trophies that you can give for having the most slam dunks, or the most foul shot scores.

Maybe you had a player that stood out and you want to award them as the team’s MVP. There are medallion awards available and even trophies that are in the form of a basketball player. You can get a trophy that has a player slam dunking and you can get it personalized for your player that took the most shots to the hoop.

There are awards for all aspects of the game whether your team loses or wins, and either way you’ll be recognizing athletes for their hard work and effort this season.

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